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May 29, 2020

For people who want to exercise, many just choose to go to the gym. But it’s very possible to stay fit and healthy without a gym or bulky, expensive equipment! Here are six tips for working out at home.

There are many reasons for working out at home. Plus, no special equipment is required for this. You already have the most important training tool for effective training – your body weight. And, with just a few tips and tricks, your own four walls, tables, and chairs can become a very productive home gym, plus it’s a whole lot of fun too.

1. Motivation

Movement and countless forms of mobility exercises present the perfect balance for busy professionals, parents, or all-around busy people that can’t fit the trip to the gym in.

But for many finding time and motivation can be challenging, so how can you motivate yourself for a workout session? One way is to schedule your workout as if it were a “real” appointment. 

Pop in some good tunes to jam to and a nice playlist. With music, exercise is much more effective because great music pushes you to your limits and inspires you.

2. Warm-up

Whether in the gym or home gym – a little warm-up is important. A warm-up lubricates the joints, heats up the cardiovascular system, and reduces the risk of injury by heating up the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Simple mobility exercises or light, dynamic stretching are suitable for this. Or perhaps you have resistance bands at home that are perfect for warming.

My favorite warmup is a few forward and backbends and spinal twisting, followed by a quick Yogic Sun Salutation.

Then you can take a quick jog around the block, do a little jump rope or jumping jacks or even just climb the stairs. 

You can also do some deep breathing and pranayama yogic breathing warmup or periodically throughout the, plus it helps strengthen the cardiovascular system and helps raise your life force energy.

Or just turn on some music and start jumping around like a lunatic (sometimes I do just this).

3. Create space

Once you’ve laced up your shoes and the body is warmed up, you can actually start. Not quite – some space is needed for a workout at home because some exercises require full physical effort with adequate space to move about.

Do you want to jump or stretch or maybe even dance? It’s good to create space so that you don’t have to interrupt your session to move furniture or risk banging your knee on the table or smashing your laptop!

4. Get creative

There is a multitude of machines and equipment in the gym that you can use to work out, but they’re not necessary to create an effective workout. 

With a little creativity, a home workout can utilize unless kettlebells, dumbbells and pull-up bars. 

You could also subscribe to a fitness channel on youtube for a little motivation.

You can also use glass bottles filled with water, and books to replace dumbbells. If you want it to be harder, you can use mineral water six-packs, gallons of water. One gallon of water weighs roughly 10 pounds.

Another option is to fill your backpack or travel bag with rice or some books. This will give you extra weight while doing push-ups, lunges, split or squats or just walking around the block.

Also include a sofa, stool, door frame, or wall for exercising, after just 60 seconds of a wall sit you will be cursing your wall, guaranteed!

5. Vary exercises

First and foremost, walking is one of the best forms of exercise, just maintaining a steady pace is sometimes all you need, I like to hike at the park.

Boredom is the absolute killer of motivation and success. The good is that most of the bodyweight exercises can be modified. 

6. Start a training diary

Try to keep a training diary. A training diary provides an overview of the exercises and progress. It’s good to see your progress and how far you’re coming along, and that can motivate you a lot!

You can also create challenges with friends or share your workout on Instagram.

Key take away

A workout at home is the perfect balance for a stressful everyday life – especially when the gym if the gym is or you simply don’t have time to go. 

But establishing a fixed time and committing to it, along with a little motivation from good music, in time you will surely start to look forward to it and maybe even become mildly addicted to working out – not all addictions are bad right?

And, if you create space at the beginning, you don’t have to interrupt your workout in between and be sure to include bottles, backpacks or travel bags to be utilized as additional weight. Sofas, stools, and the wall can also be included in the workout. If you vary the exercises and note your training progress in a diary, you will definitely be motivated for your next workout!

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