March 25

We all have a GIFT, Do you remember what yours is?

I feel like so many people have all of these gifts.

I mean amazing gifts.

They are like vibrant gems that are inside each one of us.

But a lot of us just forget about them.

We put them on the shelf, and lay them to rest.

We say “oh well it’s just something I do in my spare time, or once in a while”.

Or they say “I don’t know  how what I do  is going to contribute  to anything important”, so it doesn’t matter.

Well, here’s the rub, the truth is, If you don’t use it, then you will lose it.

Seriously, I don’t think we give ourselves enough credit.

Not at all, and this is unfortunate.

We don’t really value that we have something unique to offer.

This is so not true.

So many people have so much to offer the world.

We all have a gift, but we don’t really give it the attention and energy that it deserves.

Everyone that’s currently alive on this planet has something to give, and create beauty in the world.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, so embrace the present. 

Because today is a gift that’s why it’s called the present.

The present moment is a gift, it’s all we have.

James Dean summed it up perfectly when he said  “Dream as if you’ll live forever, but live as if you’ll die today”.

Just remember that if you don’t use it you will lose it. 

What I’m talking about is the fire inside you. Don’t let the flame burn out

So for me I always try to tend to  my inner muse  and nurture  and cultivate my creative side.

I do this day in and day out.

I see it on people faces in there eyes, they feel like they don’t have anything to offer.

But they have this profound drive its inside of them, there’s a fire that’s burning.

The embers glowing, it’s showing them the way, It helps them to navigate this crazy journey, and the way forward into the new world.

So many people have so many gifts and so many talents, many that they’re not even aware of.

But what happens is they waste their time away and they don’t value  or cherish their gifts. 

They don’t see the benefits of further cultivating their talents and gifts.

But I always tell people that Yes, it WILL make the world a much better place.

A more beautiful place.

The world needs people that come alive with what they do, not robots that can regurgitate information.

You have a unique gift, that ONLY YOU can offer to the world.

Just like me, I have something great to give to the humanity To the earth and all its inhabitants. 

I wanna help people plant abundantly diverse ecosystems to nourish their families and the native wildlife.

That’s very important to understand I have my own unique gift  and you have yours.

So, therefore I’m not even gonna try to be like you or the next person.

When I try to be like other people I lose touch with that vibrant pearl that is shining inside.

This is huge. You and I cannot be replaced Each of us are irreplaceable. 

Our creativity and our potential  are as big  as the universe is infinite. 

There’s no limit to what we can create. 

We’ve only scratched the surface, just a small portion of the brain.

Just know that the force is with you.

Strive to become the best version of you

The best that you can be because anything less is just selling yourself short.

Be true to yourself, your future self will honor you for it.

We were all born to create, so find your paintbrush, your guitar, or whatever your passion and create the life of your dreams.

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