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February 15, 2020

Everyone has dreams. However, it is not always easy to achieve them. Oftentimes, we look for excuses not to be disappointed and talk ourselves out of even trying. 

But it’s so worth it to break out of and realize your potential and actualize your dreams. 

With the right choices, you will have a fulfilled life.

Take care of and cherish your dreams

To live a fulfilled life it is important to have goals. Some dreams may be unrealistic and you have little control over the results of these wishes. 

For example, whether winning the lottery or flat out luck is possible is usually beyond personal reach. But real dreams are possible and can be realized and are truly worth fighting for. 

Because everyone has to shape their own destiny and live the life the way they want it to, on their own terms. If you don’t design and live your life then you will end up building someone elses empire.

Only in this way can you be satisfied with yourself and find your inner zen. 

Ask yourself which dreams have been with you for a long time and which dreams are so rewarding that you would indeed tackle tonight.

Anyone who sets an actionable, achievable goal can also achieve it, no matter how long the path may be. Realizing a dream is a milestone in your life. You can start right away because time is precious and you only have one life to live.

Just like the timeline between the date you were born and the date you will one-day die will be embedded on your tombstone, the timeline is all yours to do what you want with it.

How to find the time for your dream

When you ask people about their dreams, you will hear many different types of wishes. Yet the reason most people fail to make their dreams come true is actually the same. Lack of time is the most common reason cited when it comes to dreams not turning into reality and coming into being. 

Most of us waste a lot of time on trivial and unimportant, mundane things (a big one is binge watching TV and browsing social media).

How often have you been annoyed when you did something for someone again just because you couldn’t refuse and say no?

Have you ever stayed in a relationship or kept a friendship far too long even know you knew that it wasn’t good for you and was perhaps a big distraction or even worse – the other person was an energy vampire that always left you feeling drained rather than energized?

Or did you watch a film, a book or a radio talk show play till the end, although you didn’t really like the story? All this time would have been used more meaningfully to work on your dream.

The key to your dreams is that you have to prioritize and make them come true.

Live as if you have already achieved your wish, sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. Only if you set concrete priorities will you be able to make your dreams bloom into being. Cross out useless, pointless things from your life and focus on the raw essentials. 

The right decision always feels good and with a little focus and mindfulness, you will see if it is worth living your dream. The key is to take the time that you need (I like to sit by a river and reflect). 

And don’t ask for permission because it’s about you and your life. If you don’t understand that you take care of and cultivate your dreams, then you really don’t care at all. Fulfilling dreams is never easy until you start, but it’s so, so worth trying. Because most of them fail before they have even get started.

Don’t wait for the ideal time to come

The right time never comes. Neither for the perfect partner, the right time to start your business, and certainly not for dreams and true passions. 

The time is always exactly when you open up to the possibility and really want to try and give it a go. Do not wait for the right circumstances, but create them. 

Start taking action right now so that your dreams will eventually come to fruition. Avoid making the same old excuses because you’re never too old, too stupid, too sick, or too poor to at least try, what do you have to lose.

The only real critic is you!

Those who are happy with their daily routine do not break out, but many die lives of quiet desperation because they never tap into their full potential. 

But if you have a unique dream that keeps visiting your psyche then you should definitely get the ball rolling. Breaking out of everyday routines requires a lot of courage. 

But always remember that it is up to you to decide whether you will chase your dream or let them fade away. For example, if you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument, give it a try. If you don’t enjoy it, at least you’ll know you’ve tried it.

Reach inside for your inner list and ask yourself which dream you finally want to fulfill and actualize and then step into it. An incredible feeling of contentment and satisfaction will reward you for it

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About the author

My name is Dale Hoskins. My intention is to help accompany you to develop your highest potential as a human being, and to fully express your true gifts in this world. This will lead to a more embodied and fulfilled life, that's characterized by love, joy and a deep sense of ease and peace, for you and for all other sentient beings.

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