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Last updated on February 22, 2021

By increasing the range of your breathing, either by just breathing deep or through certain breathing techniques and pranayama exercises, the breath has the power and ability to increase your health and energy levels.

This can even eliminate the “afternoon crash” and also rescue you from falling asleep at the wheel while driving your car.

When you intentionally breath better your mind and memory will also become much more sharp because when you increase the amount of oxygen entering the bloodstream this also means more of it flowing up to the brain.

When you change the rhythm and flow of the breath this is defined as a “breathing exercise”.

An interesting thing also happens as a result of practicing breathing exercises everyday, your body will start to breath deep and healthy on its own because it develops a kind of muscle memory.

This will definitely come in handy when you need it most like in a stressful situation for example.

The science behind breathing exercises is also known as “Pranayama” which is the practice gaining mastery and control over the breathing cycle.

Increase Energy levels and Life Force

One of the coolest things about practicing Pranayama breathing exercises is that it increases the “prana” that’s present and moves inside the body.

Prana, is the life force energy or “aliveness” that moves through the body and the entire physiology. It’s what gives life and animates the body and puts it into motion.

Prana is what moves the blood and energizes all the bodily functions and gives life to the beating heart

The quality of your life, your thoughts, even the sparkle in your eyes are all a direct result of how much “prana is present” inside the body at any given moment.

The good news is that every single person, even you and I can cultivate and increase the amount of prana that flows through the body.

This can be accomplished in several ways below are just a couple:

1. By absorbing this vital energy through the food that we eat 

2. The quality and pureness of the oxygen that we breathe in through the lungs which then oxygenates every single cell inside the body.

3. The quality and ambience of our surroundings based on our immediate environment have a very strong effect on the prana, including the feelings and sensations that we experience based on the people and places that we live and work around.

4. The relationships and friendships that we are involved in.

5. But even more importantly is the quality of thoughts, ideas and opinions that we exercise on an everyday basis. You could say it’s the overall attitude and stance that one has on life. Seeing the good versus the bad, choosing truth vs illusion.

Ready to give it a try?

Just this one breathing exercise alone, done by itself can drastically improve the quality of your entire life, just this one simple breathing exercise.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if your at your desk, on the couch or at the park, any time is perfect to practice healthy breathing :).

How To Breathe Deeper, Fuller & Healthier

So, right now, wherever and whatever your doing just stop, and 

pause just for a moment… 

Where your at makes no difference at all.

Now, bring your focus and attention to the area around the chest.

Now, just observe and notice how the breath feels moving in and out of the lungs.

Just observe it. Next, slowly start to deepen and relax your breathing.

Feel the front and back of the rib cage grow and expand.

Allow the area around your belly button to also expand like a balloon.

On the next inhalation, allow the entire lower belly to fully expand (so you can even feel the lower back expand).

Once the belly is fully expanded, allow that same oxygenated expansion to rise up towards the lower lungs just beneath the breast muscle, and then on up just a little bit further to the upper part of the lungs (you will feel the neck and shoulders slightly expand too.

Then, slowly exhale, fully expelling and deflating all of the spent oxygen completely out of the lungs. The belly will naturally collapse in towards the spine.

Be sure to never, ever force or strain the breathing, it should always be smooth, gentle and completely natural with flow.

When doing any breathing exercises, always breathe in through the nostrils and not the mouth.

Congratulations, you’ve just improved the quality and depth of your breathing and also increased the amount of oxygen entering your system that will go onto nourish every single cell in your body.

This is just a simple deep breathing exercise.

This exercise by itself can dramatically improve the quality of your entire life, just this exercise!

I like to do either 3, 6 or 9 complete rounds of this deep breathing exercise in the morning time.

However, even 1 good round is far superior to 10 short and shallow breaths.

Shallow Breathing is a bad habit

See, most people have very short and shallow breathing habits. This contributes to stress in the body and the heart and further generates more discomfort and friction, every single day.

Most people do this automatically without even being aware of it.

So, the moment that you set the intention and start to practice and work with the breath, you are no longer a victim to these habitual breathing patterns.

When you do this simple yet powerful breathing exercise, you are essentially learning how to breath all over again.

For example, have you ever watched a newborn baby breath? As they breathe, they breathe deep into the abdominal region and stomach inflates like a balloon.

This deep breathing is totally natural, “we were all born with it”

However, as we start to grow up in the modern world we get constantly bombarded and exposed to many different stressful and unnatural situations on a daily basis.

What sometimes happens is that we start to guard and protect ourselves at a very young age. This results in a lifetime of short and shallow breathing.

My Experience:

Improving the quality, depth and range of my breath has been a major source of support for me over the years. It’s lifted me up out of many difficult situations and acted as a savior when I needed something to help me the most.

The best part about it is that once you start to practice the effects are felt immediately.

Keep in mind that deep breathing alone can have profound effects on your overall health and well being.

But, if you wanna penetrate even deeper into the world of breathwork and start to discover the multitude of benefits and freedom that more advanced types breathing exercises can give you, then I recommend starting with the “Complete Breath”.

The Complete Breath

The Complete breath is the first breathing exercise that all new and aspiring practitioners should first start out with.

This is because it primes and properly conditions the lungs for more advanced forms of breathwork.

It will lead you down the path to much stronger and more toned lungs, and allows much more oxygen to reach all the bronchial tubes and penetrate into all the air sacs in the lungs.

By far my favorite benefit of the complete breath is how it raises the energy and vibration in the body. Meaning, that it improves overall energy and brings more aliveness and alertness into your body.

Many people spend a lot of money on supplements in order to improve memory, achieve more energy and to just feel better.

Many people fail to realize that they have a very powerful resource right up their nose, they just need to learn how to access it, that’s all.

See, when you intentionally strive to improve the quality of your breath  and learn just a few, simple, time honored techniques and make a solid commitment to your life and health by practicing breathwork each day you then will slowly start to revolutionize your entire life, seriously!

And one of the best parts about it is you can access these exercises anytime or place that you choose wants you learn them!

Always remember, an ounce of practice is easily worth a pound of results.

Namaste, may peace and power be with you!

Sincerely, Dale Hoskins