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Last updated on February 22, 2021

Tantric sexuality practices are a time-tested way of fusing sexuality with spirituality.

The techniques help to increase the connection between two people.

Whole-body rejuvenation, vitality, and the healing of various blockages are some of the benefits that are achieved with the simple yet powerful techniques that come together and achieve happiness in the body. 

It’s a way of exploring our sexuality much deeper from another dimension by simply uniting body, mind, and spirit. 

It is a way of exploring our sexuality, learning that sexual energy is one our greatest sources of creative power.

Tantra and the breath

The practice of Tantra helps synchronize the breath and connect with your partner on a soul level, pleasure becomes much more organic and holistic, where it can be felt on a cellular level

To practice this discipline, there is no age limit, people can practice well into old age

Tantric techniques benefit people physically and create a sense of well-being because breathing techniques positively change the body’s chemistry. 

Conscious breathing helps increase the production of dopamine, Oxycontin, and serotonin levels which flood the body, these chemicals are a wonderful side effect which generate a feeling of vitality in the body.

Connecting with your partner?

The connection that is achieved through Tantric practices is something that transcends the physical body.

When these techniques are practiced, it is optimal for both recipients to be in sync, or rather to harmonize their breathing that helps create a powerful bond that promotes more intimacy.

When two people synchronize the breath in unison, they merge and energetically become one, but the key is the breath.

Learning more about tantric practices is a great way to open the mind and realize to the spiritual realm which transcends the physical.

For the elderly, and those who suffer from physiological problems, it is an alternative to the typical physical act of lovemaking. 

Tantra is more subtle and more energetic in nature, the techniques help to awaken all the vital senses throughout the body.

This invites the couple not to take everything for granted, and instead to learn to explore and get to know each other better, and to enter into a deeper, more meaningful, and lasting relationship!

It also allows more exploration of the couple’s bodies to unfold organically and spontaneously in the moment.

Tantra helps bring the body and mind into a peaceful environment, the couple is then able to feel their bodies more relaxed and that is when every movement, glance, hug, kiss, and subtle touch will feel maximized (even more than teenagers 🙂

Tantric is like a sensual dance, the more you let go, the deeper the experience becomes.

Some Practical tips

Open the mind

Many times people do not experience new things, either because of prejudice or myths. To open the mind, accept that you have a lot to learn. For myself, “I always try to stay humble with an open mind to new experiences”.

In Tantra, it’s good to research, read and study the lineage of Tantric and the plethora of exercises, theories and methodologies.

Practice absolute presence: a simple way is to connect with your partner is to give all your energy to him or her. Increased attention will help you to bond closer with your partner.

Their must be a giver and a receiver. Just like when we receive bodywork like a massage for example, their is a giver and a receiver. You could say that this is foundational for tantra experience.

Simple connection

By appreciating the simple things in life, your connection with yourself and with others will change. Sexuality overlaps into the rest of people’s lives. 

This includes the practice of conscious sex as a way to enhance human sensitivity and focus the energy on spiritual evolution.

While practicing Tantra, the couple tries to breathe more consciously with increased awareness which helps to calm anxiety and overcome insecurities that ultimately drop the body armor and artificial masks.

Tantra helps each recipient to unleash their full creative potential as a human being

With tantra, it’s possible to learn to direct the charged energy and reach orgasm without manual stimulation or penetration. This is not hypothetical, I know from personal experience this is true

Just a simple brushstroke of the hand on the arm can create waves of orgasmic states of bliss.

Now, imagine the mindblowing effects it can have if these practices are integrated into the couple’s full-body intercourse.

The art of tantra will teach you to connect on a profoundly deeper level and to cherish the body of your partner as an extraordinarily ecstatic, infinite being.

Tantra will help you recognize one another, to be fully attentive to the moment, where nothing else matters (not even a nuclear explosion – except the one going on inside every single cell of your bodies).

It allows you to feel, and to perceive each other not only physically but energetically, and can create a truly newfound reality and unlock sexual depths and mountains of awareness never known.

Tantra is a holistic experience with origins in Buddhism. 

But true tantra is a way of being, which transcends all “isms”

This practice is excellent in helping people to become more aware of what is around them and what is happening within their own internal energy.

There is magic in the “here and now”, that is, in the present moment. It’s in this moment that the couple realizes their true essence and that of their partners being.

This helps the mind and body merge and intensify the sensations and experience.

Tantra allows us to live with greater freedom and helps us to develop the senses and the way of loving others even in everyday life

7 Tantric Exercises

Now I’ll help guide you through an experiment and present a series of simple exercises that can radically help you improve your overall experience the next time you and your partner connect.

1. The sacred present

The present is, without a doubt, the best way to connect with yourself. 

Putting the focus of attention on the here and now makes our mind not ruminating, so we can give ourselves more thoroughly. 

In fact, if we focus on the past or future expectations, it is very difficult to achieve not only an orgasm but relax into the moment

In Tantra, the only time that exists in the present.

The present is a sacred moment, this is where we can open up to our partner’s experience and become aware of the place, the situation, your lover’s skin, their hair, their smell, and their spirit.

Being present helps unlock the doorways of perception to the cosmic flow of feelings, and energy exchanged between each other, therefore it’s vital to direct as much attention on the here and now. 

Energy flows where the mind goes

This is made possible by the practice of tantric breathing exercises.

How to do it? During foreplay, it’s important to sit in front of your partner, either clothed or fully nude.

Tantric deep breathing is used to quiet the mind, and help you and your partner to become more present.

It helps to keep your eyes closed and do this for several minutes.

When the mind is quiet, it’s time to connect with your partner’s breath and try to sync your breath with theirs. 

When the breath is in harmony, it’s easier to connect, relate and trust which is the path to deeper intimacy.

2. Eye contact

Many people are afraid to look at another person directly in the eye, but the eyes are the doorway to the soul.

To achieve the deepest connection possible it helps to sit naked in front of your partner and gaze deeply into their eyes.

This is the most primal to see be.

Although at first it may be a little uncomfortable, the discomfort will eventually pass, and you will become more comfortable and loving towards each other.

There’s no time for insecurities, just let go and simply just be who you are, we are all infinitely powerful beings radiating love and light from your heart.

3. Valley exploration

The feminine refers to the archetypal characteristics regarding the vital experience of women, in the sense of tenderness, embodied love, listening, softness, suppleness, and complete sensitivity. Women are the creative figure of life.

The masculine has the predisposition to accompany and lend his essence for the women to enjoy. This special focus on women’s pleasure, in turn, has a magical property. It allows the women to open up like a vibrant lotus flower.

To work effectively, the man must show respect and an attitude of presence and receptive attention towards her body and being.

He listens to it, perceives it, feels it subtly, in its entirety and paramount beauty.

The increased arousal of the woman will also provide immense pleasure for the man in return.

4. Explore the new universe

This knowledge awakens the consciousness of the male (also called Shiva) and the goddess (Shakti). 

The human body is a vast universe to discover, and there are different energetic planes that we can gradually awaken to and discover.

5. The different rhythms

Everything in nature is changing, and the same should happen during intercourse. 

Variety can be used without the need to change partners. 

The change of intensities and rhythms helps increase the energy of arousal and helps to have more intense full-body orgasms.

A tantric exercise that can be practiced is the following:

When the couple is intimate, they should vary the rhythm and intensity of the touch, everywhere on the body.

This should be done throughout the day, during foreplay, and especially during intercourse.

For example, during intercourse, the man can perform 6 subtle and gentle thrusts followed by one deep engulfing penetration. 

6. The valley orgasm

Tantra practices are growing in popularity, especially with the intention to achieve mastery and gain control of the ejaculatory process, because when ejaculation occurs, the man almost always loses physical energy, and requires some time for recovery.

Ejaculation is the end result of peak orgasm and ends in an explosion of energy. 

But it’s possible to control the ejaculation and instead enjoy the valley orgasm, which consists of a more “full body orgasm” not just in the genitals.

The valley orgasm one of the keys to profound enjoyment in a couple’s relationship. 

A tantric technique to improve awareness of the ejaculatory moment is the practice of the perception of the previous moment, that is, stopping just at the moment when the person is about to ejaculate. 

After a few seconds, it is possible to return to lovemaking.

To help promote a state of self-awareness, it is necessary to practice active listening to oneself and detect the beautiful sensations that will lead to a peak full-body orgasm.

Mantak Chia is a world-renowned teacher in this practice that stems from Taoist traditions.

Most people practice and perfect the solo tantric practices alone like the valley orgasm, then practice with their partner when more confident.