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Last updated on February 22, 2021

Negative thoughts can be depressing and sometimes downright paralyzing. 

You want to get rid of them but you just can’t. 

Here you will learn how to take reasonable and effective action against them by observing the various thought patterns, closely observing them, and replacing bad thoughts with good ones.

We can only focus on one thing at a time, you must decide if you want to focus on the light or the dark, it’s your choice.

Getting rid of negative thoughts is easy by being mindful of yourself

Negative thoughts affect your life more than you realize. They creep in when we’re least expecting it.

They breed in the mind like an infection and expand like the plague.

As a result, you feel dull and hollowed out, cramped and completely overwhelmed. 

Negative thoughts also disturb your sleep, make you feel bad about yourself, and adversely affect your focus and concentration. 

Over time, you can start to feel a deep sense of self-pity, and eventually your self-esteem shrinks.

Negative thoughts can consume you. Some people even take their own lives.

Most of the time though the thoughts and perceptions in your head never actually occur, but the mind plays a misheavous trick on you. 

But your thoughts are based on familiar patterns that you have already learned in the past. 

The reasons for this are experienced situations or events that have triggered fears or internal stress in you, without you being able to solve the problem adequately, they can eventually magnify, and lead to complex storylines that start to become further misconstrued and get worse and worse.

Meditation can help you dissolve negative thinking and distinguish between the real and the unreal, learn how to meditate here.

First step, start by stopping negative thoughts

The situations in which you feel trapped in negative thoughts are usually part of your everyday life. 

Only you know when they manifest and start to control your life.. 

The first step in understanding and successfully tackling this is to become vigilantly aware of this fact and to analyze it thoroughly.

It can be helpful to write down what comes to mind so you can start to recognize the thought patterns. 

Once you have found an answer to the questions, you can consciously stop the negative thoughts by asking yourself to do so internally. 

Say to yourself firmly “No, I don’t want to think about this any anymore!” Do this each time you fall into the circle of negative thoughts.

The second step, concentrate on a clear head

After you have commanded your mind to stop thinking negative, there are various actions you can take to clear your headspace:

  • Meditation targeted breathing exercises or conscious relaxation are techniques that focus you on something else.
  • Jogging, gardening, taking a walk, or doing something brand new are all ways you can skillfully distract yourself and focus on something beautiful.
  • A short tea or coffee break or a conversation with a friend demands your attention so that your thoughts change direction.
  • At night, you can put a pen and paper next to your bed to write down the things that come to mind both positive and negative (process, feel and then move on).
  • Get lot’s of fresh air, take a breath of clean oxygen.
  • Stop being a prisoner to your thoughts and mind, you are not a slave to your feelings, and they can’t control your life if you don’t allow them too. They only have as much power as you grant them. You are so much more than your thinking mind, you’re divine.

The third step, replace bad thoughts with good ones

Getting rid of negative thoughts is a process of replacing them with positive, more optimistic ones. 

Once you’ve cleared your mind of negative thoughts, start with the next step. 

You can directly influence your feelings by deliberately thinking about something beautiful, fun, enjoyable.

Sometimes when I get down, I think about children dancing and playing in the forest, laughing and giggling. Or, I’ll think about the size and majestic beauty of the earth, or gaze up at the stars and the infinite size of the solar system and instantly become inspired and uplifted.

Soon enough, I realize that everything is going to be okay, and everything is fine. 

Thinking about beautiful things helps to erase the bad thought patterns by establishing new connections in the brain. “Think positive” is not an empty slogan, but a solution to help you escape the circle of madness that takes over your inner voice.

Eckart Tolle discusses this in much further detail in his book “The Power Of Now”.

You should also consciously strengthen your self-confidence. This enables you to actively approach the process with a stronger, more balance state of awareness.

Think about things you’ve already done well, or been successful at (even small micro wins and achievements). 

You can allow yourself to create great, satisfying moments anytime throughout the day, maybe relax on the sofa with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate, and praise yourself for it, and don’t feel guilty about it at all, you totally deserve it.

This way you reward yourself with recognition and strengthen the positive feeling towards yourself. 

Always come from a place of peaceful abundance.

If you can’t get rid of your negative thoughts yourself, it’s time to seek out a life coach or a professional therapist.