Reflections on the path of Self Realization, Discover simple ways to start living a more happy, authentic life

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Last updated on January 29, 2023

In this book, I would like to present a few principle truths that I believe anyone can use to help them to walk further on the path to self-actualization. 

These principles in this book are powerful when put into practice. As you read them, I sincerely hope that they will add value and enrich your life in a beautiful way.

If you apply them to your life, with an open mind, and a little focused execution, then they have the ability to radically transform your life.

Integrate them into your life, bit by bit, little by little each day.

I also recommend keeping a journal to document your progress along the way, Write down any newfound insight or ah ha realizations, this will make it easier for them to become part of your life much easier if you prefer too.

This is a book about life. You get to choose how valuable it will be to you. So, I encourage you to take this book very seriously, it’s not a game, it can help you transform your life, that is, if you really want to bad enough.

The topics that I cover have all been spoken before, but even if you think you know them, try revisiting them again to assimilate them perhaps in a different way. They are universal truths, and all paths can relate to them.

I hope it opens up a new dimension for you to improve your life, and the life that you’ve always envisioned for yourself, and your wildest dreams.

For me, self-actualization is the only way to be, to live and move through life.

It’s a purely noble path to realize your true nature, and realize your full human potential to the highest way possible in this lifetime.

It is a conscious journey of personal exploration that leads to a deeply profound personal-developmental transformation that can span the realms of your perception.

Self-actualization is the endless pursuit to never stop growing, evolving, and to increase your capacity and to ignite your divine creativity. 

To self-actualize means to opens up a constant dialogue with your inner guide, and to befriend your intuition.

This path is available to all, and It can start right now, in this very moment, it’s entirely up to you though.

As you walk the path you see that It never ever ends because your potential is as endless as the universe itself.

This book can act as a starting point to help you begin revealing your most vibrant gifts that have always been deep inside of you.

I hope that this book can offer insight into your life’s purpose, and help you discover what really brings you pure joy, happiness, strength, and even your reason for being alive.

I know these may seem like big promises, but I know it’s possible.

You were born to unlock your fullest expression of human potential, and realize your truest gifts, and experience the full spectrum of your human emotions, talents, feelings, and cultivate these inside your cellular DNA, each and everyday, moment by moment. 

You are not here for anything else. 

Once you come to this conclusion, your life will never be the same.

Understanding your power is just a breath away, that’s how close it is.

It’s your life and your responsibility. 

So, recognize the power that dwells inside of you, allow this potential to crack open so that you can finally fulfill your souls destiny. 

This power is alive inside you, pulsating through every vein and bone in your body.

Remember that you are the essence of creation itself, you are everything, you are the master.


Love is the way to real happiness. Your thinking, feeling, and actions must be filled with love. 

This is where everlasting happiness comes from.  

Love is a choice. In every thought and action, you are either moving towards or away from love.

Whenever you don’t choose love, it automatically becomes a motion against love.

But real love is complete freedom, unselfish, and has no conditions attached to it.

Try to focus on your heart as often as you can. Just simply close your eyes and picture your heart as a very dear friend that’s always with you. 


You can only connect and love the world around you and everything in it to the degree and depth that you love yourself as a person.

When you love yourself, it allows you to (more easily) experience love with other human beings, creatures, animals, and the rest of the natural, including the stars and cosmos.

The way that you choose to relate to yourself, will be the exact same way that you interact with everything around you.

If you have peace within you, then you will also experience peace all around you.

It’s crucially important to learn how to love yourself a little more each day, this way, you can live a more loving life.

“The more love that I invite into my life, the lighter my shoulders become, the more expansive my chest becomes, and I experience a kind of euphoric harmony that’s hard to describe”.

Love is a supreme state of being, in my eyes it’s a prerequisite to experiencing true happiness in life.

Ask yourself a simple question; what do you want to feel, experience, and ultimately receive in your life?

Because we only receive what we give away in the form of thoughts, intentions, and actions. The world is a mirror, if you radiate love outward, then that’s what will be reflected back at you, guaranteed!

In my experience, that’s just the way it works.


To love also means to forgive.

If you’re serious about walking the path of self-realization, then it’s extremely important to forgive, release and dissolve negative emotions towards other people. 

If you find yourself angry or upset for extended periods of time, ask yourself whether it is right remain in this state. 

Do you think that you can change the reality and essence of someone who has done something wrong to you by holding a grudge towards them, insulting them, or punishing them in some way? 

It’s impossible!

Now, let’s say that someone close to you did something wrong and you just flat out yelled at them for it. Now imagine the person is very sorry and begins to cry their eyes out. If you go deep inside yourself, this will hurt you to see this person sad and unhappy.

Empathy is a universal emotion.

So instead, just feel that this is an experience that you only had for a few seconds.

Just be mindful, because you may temporarily forget your anger, but if you haven’t transcended it and released it, then it may come back to haunt you, and cause an explosion.

For example, sometimes you may have an argument with your beloved or close friend before going to sleep. Then the next morning upon waking up, something just doesn’t seem right.

You probably forgot about the fight the previous evening, but while you were sleeping, the anger and harsh emotions within you simmered while you were sleeping and never went really away because they were never dealt with or released.

When there’s chaos, it’s best to immediately fix it and set yourself free of the chains.

Because, if you do not forgive and let things gothen you are not free on the inside, you will be a prisoner of your own emotions.

It will be like a ball and chain that’s always attached to your body and energy field, and will get in the way of you growing, thriving, and actualizing your full human potential.

Therefore, it’s essential to make peace with your past, and be mindful of future interactions.

Forgiving without forgetting is not true forgiveness, how could real joy arise in your life with this burdensome memory?

Just let go, forgive and forget, and tune in to the present.

The present moment can set you free, that is, when you know how to be fully present in it.

If you find yourself playing the victim, move as quickly as you can away from this mentality and frame of mind.

The sooner that you can break away from the idea that someone else did something to you, the more empowering it will be for you.

Instead, become a spiritual gangster, warrior god or goddess 🙂

Perseverance  / Dedication

Dedication means making a conscious choice to give yourself over to the cosmic flow of life, and stick to it. 

The task to which we commit ourselves becomes an affair of the heart, it relates to the whole person, in their inner and outer life. 

Commit to creating the most beautiful life, become the hero of your own story, and fully commit to yourself.

Stay true to your own personal path of self-discovery instead of looking around to see who is holding you back or standing in your way.

Let go of the desire for control and security. 

Trust and listen to your intuition. Because, only in time when you glance through the rear view mirror and look back in hindsight will you be able to understand the sheer magnificent intelligence that is behind it.

When you start to find your way with this intuitively divine force, life will become much more easy and effortless to navigate through the storms and trenches.

Life just won’t feel nearly as difficult with your intuition and heart guiding you. 

The only difficulty is the process of fully surrendering and trusting this inner voice.

This is how you live and act in the name of love. All thinking and feeling, are infused with the fragrance of love.


The art of being silent is often underestimated these days. But it’s the doorway to your inner world.

Why be silent when there’s always so much to do? 

When you never have time for silent reflection, you will struggle to remember and recognize your true nature. This will make it hard to understand the true meaning of your life. 

It’s only when the lake is transparent and calm that you can see your reflection in it. 

Are the waves on the surface distorting your perception?

Learn to drop into complete silence, and find a little time to each day to do so.

Move away from the mindless distractions.

On the other side of silence is where you will find yourself, she’s been waiting for you all along.

Only in a silent and receptive state is it possible to connect with the deeper wisdom of life. 

Silence can act as a guide to navigate and you find your source of strength to help you recognize your true self on the path to self-realization.


The voice of your intuition and inner guide is only heard when there is complete silence. 

The space between the thoughts.

To many excessive thoughts will take you away from your true source of knowledge, they will create to many ripples on the lake of your consciousness.

It’s absolutely vital to create space and time in your day to find silence.

The best way to experience silence is during meditation in the morning, or at the park in nature, preferably off the beaten path. 

During meditation just observe the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that you feel in your body. 

Simply concentrate and observe what is happening in your body and mind, in that moment, without judging, just observe, and be the witness.

The intuition can be heard and felt while in these meditative states of awareness, you will start to become familiar with the language of your intuition.

It may visit you in the form of flashes of insight and inspiration, or perhaps a beautiful thought that brings you to an “ah ha” moment.

When a particular thought crosses your mind, it may ignite a soothing, tingling-like sensation in the body, and shivers up and down the spine.

One way to identify if your intuition is speaking to you, is if it feels like truth to you. 

Anytime something brings you closer to love and the feeling of oneness then this to can be signals from your intuition.


When you are silent, you will start to become more aware of what’s happening inside of you.

This will help you to perceive the nature of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. 

You can begin to wake up from the dream of to much excessive thinking, and finally see your thoughts and calibrate yourself to your true perception once again. 

Feel the sensations of your body and accept what you feel in the moment, including your surroundings, with all of your senses. 

Don’t criticize, comment, or judge anything except what is happening. 

Allow everything and just be the neutral observer, without wanting to force a specific result or outcome.

Just observe the silence and the silence will come to you.

This is the way to know yourself.


Vision is where everything comes together, because if you don’t know where you’re headed then you will never arrive at your destination.

Vision helps keep the fire lit at the end of the dark tunnel so you won’t lose your way while on the journey to your dreams.

It’s only when you start to work, and actively cultivate your vision that you can begin harnessing the power of your energy, and really focus it on achieving something of real value that you truly want.

Your vision helps to create the stepping stones to reach your goals.

Everything worth doing needs a goal in order to be able to arrive at a specific place in time.

Without a vision, your ship will drift aimlessly on the ocean, like having a broken sail and a drunken sailor.

So work on your vision and get your ship headed in the right direction towards the lighthouse.

A well thought out vision can greatly increase your chances of manifesting the dreams in your heart and fulfilling your destiny.

Do you spend time each day working on your vision to turn your dream into a reality?

If you do, it will reward you with a big sense of joy, happiness, and create lasting fulfillment in your life.

You will feel like you are doing what you were born to do, and living in alignment with your hearts purpose.

A vision helps break a big goal or task down into smaller more sizable chunks (baby steps) that are easier to digest and follow through with, which will prevent becoming burned out and overwhelmed.

Each time that you reach a new mini milestone or complete another task on your vision checklist, it can feel like a small success that can be celebrated, which also keeps the energy and inspiration moving through you.


The best way to recognize your vision is with joy. 

Working on your vision and moving closer to a particular dream will grant you a joyful feeling on the inside.

Because sometimes it can be hard to determine if you’re on the right path to realizing your dreams. A sense of joy can be a subtle reminder that you are working towards your dreams.

Try to pause for a moment and picture a child playing with his toys in the sandbox. The child is totally immersed in what he is doing. He loses all sense of time and nothing else seems to matter.

The child is in a purely creative state, and he is fully engaged with his mind through play. This is fertile ground for inspiration to flow

When you experience pure joy, you just know it, the heart seems to open up and expand.

It’s an ecstatic feeling.

Joy can manifest itself differently for everyone, but it is always connected with a feeling of space and outward expansion. 

Its something that makes life seem a bit more infinite and unlimited, more open, and more worth living in.

Experiencing joy is easy when in a meditative state of awareness.

Joy is an uplifting force that will fill your cup up and makes it overflow. 

Joy is like a flower unfolding petal by petal to the source of human expression, it’s your most natural state to be in.

When we are in the presence of people that contribute to our growth many times we receive joy in their presence. 

But the real joy that is beyond words arises from being totally present through the ardent practice of meditation.

It’s a very deep joyful feeling, like being surrounded in a state of infinite joy.

Experiencing joy starts with living your truth, following your heart, realizing your dreams, and actualizing your destiny.

Personal Development

Another aspect of formulating your vision is that you grow more as an individual. It spills over and enhances every area of your life.

As you move into a creative state you will start to develop new skills. 

As long as there is growth, you are moving in the right direction.

When you are confronted with obstacles and roadblocks, you will start to finds unique solutions to persevere around them, “this is bound to happen once you get started on the path and get rolling”.


A good vision will add lasting value to the world. It has the potential to create and leave behind a real legacy, and make the world a more beautiful place even after you’re gone.

Even if your vision only touches one person, or supports other beings in a more loving way, then you have executed your vision successfully.

When you work on your vision with love and devotion, you create a masterpiece that you can be proud of.

This is a recipe for success in whatever it is that you do and set your mind to.

Finding your unique vision

To really actualize your vision you will need to establish the following qualities in your life:

1. Silence

2. Self-awareness

3. Imagination

You need the silence so that the language of your intuition can speak to you. 

Intuition helps you recognize the subtle signs and inspirations that can be easy to miss when silence is not present.

And you also need a certain level of self-awareness. 

With your imagination, you can let your thoughts wander and explore the infinite possibilities, like colorful imagery, which also help ignite your creative inspiration to nurture ideal aspirations.  

This helps craft your perfect vision and will give you meaning and purpose in your life.  

Plus, it will help keep you enthusiastic and motivated to keep going.

Dream big, but be mindful of setting your expectations too high though, be realistic.

Setting your expectations too high just creates unneeded stress and pressure. 

There comes a point when you must let go and surrender to the flow of life, open your arms to the great mystery, and trust the process as it unfolds. oh so perfectly.

Let go and walk your path with complete dedication and utter perseverance and devotion.

First, you formulate your vision by listening closely to the voice of your intuition. Then you bring your vision into a creative flow state, the vision will help you implement the best steps to take at any given point in time.

It’s like an ebb and flow, from the being silent, present and listening, while being reflective, which then ignites your creative insight and inspiration, and leads to creating beautiful things in life.


Aspiration is the inner urge to transcend and to carry a dream like a torch down the path to your destiny.

Your aspiration can be the driving force that puts your insight and inspiration into a forward propelling motion.

With each striving step, we perform a small miracle in the depths of our consciousness, this is the catalyst for the force of your creative mind.

Life has an inner door. Aspiration opens it. Unhealthy desire will close it. 

Ambition opens this door from within, and your life has an inner lamp. 

That inner lamp is called aspiration. 

If we let this fire burn inside, it will carry its radiant light down the tunnel of our vision.


Everyone knows the feeling of being scared, uncertain, or unsure of the unknown.

It’s that queasy and uneasy feeling that grips you in the stomach and shortens your breath.

This feeling has been with mankind since the beginning of time.

When encounter new experiences we usually experience some form of fear.  but many people don’t like it because it’s out of their comfort zone and feels scary.

We especially feel fear arise when trying to realize our dreams and actualize our true potential. 

If you want to be successful and make your dreams come true, then there will be many times when you have to face your greatest fears and look at them head-on. 

You will face the challenge of leaving what’s comfortable, familiar behind in order to grow, and reach new heights, and bloom into your fullest potential. 

If you let fear control your life, then you will be like a prisoner.

If you want to transcend your fear then there’s only one thing to do, and that’s become courageous. 

To be courageous means to recognize your fears and face them head on

Our hearts long to actualize the bodies potential, but the mind fears for its existence and wants to keep us in an illusion of safety from some unknown perceived danger. Danger from what? Living your dreams and being true to yourself?

In the past, fear definitely served its purpose, as the unknown could lead to sudden death from a saber-toothed tiger attacking your jugular vein. 

But a lot has changed in this world in the last 20,000 years, we don’t live in the Stone Age anymore.

But from an evolutionary standpoint, even one hundred thousand years is a fart in the wind.

For example, if you want to give a lecture and you’ve never done that before, then your body behaves in a similar way to a pack of wolves coming to eat you.

The strongest instinct in man is the survival instinct. Since we have already made it to the 21st century, our minds want us to focus on what we know, can feel, sense and trust, it’s these familiar ways that have guaranteed our survival up to this point.

Fear feels uncomfortable, but it will only go away if you face it and move beyond it.

The mind always seems to imagine the worst-case scenario and creates an elaborate story to back up and justify everything that (could) go wrong.

This is why the mind always protests against doing new and uncomfortable things and sabotages the courage inside.

With every act of courage, it becomes easier to transcend the (perceived fears) and actualize your power.

Becoming courageous will lead you down the path to self-realization. It will help you to recognize the truth of who you are.

Courage helps us to become more vibrant and continue our search for our truth. It helps cultivate essential skills, talents and resiliency, and will gift you new and profound life experiences.

Our bodies are designed to break through to new heights.

But whenever you do something new, you are bound to encounter fear. 

Fear often shows us where the real treasures of our lives are hidden. If you want to do cool stuff, and achieve your goals, then you must face your fears and confront them head on.

“When the longing is greater than the fear, courage is born.” – Seneca

How do you get braver and become more courageous?

It starts in the mind and then grows in the body. When you first recognize that you have a fearful or dis-empowering thought process starting to arise, first become fully aware of the thought or sensation, then observe it, and breathe into the sensations of the body.

It’s like stopping the thought process from it’s lifeline (the egotistical storyteller), that’s always making shit up, and tries to prevent you from doing cool stuff.

Just learn to relax? By consciously relaxing, and breathing deep into the torso.

How do you do this? By becoming more disciplined with observing your thought processes and regulating the power of the breath, and by observing the sensations in the body.

By practicing these core practices they will help you become more courageous and stand strong in your truth. 

As your self-discipline grows, you will start to strengthen your courage muscle. 

The more that you use this muscle, the more pronounced and astute it will become.

Whenever you face your fears, no matter how it turns out, you will always feel better afterward.

Because when you follow through with your vision and dreams, you will feel like you gave it your all, and you won’t have any regrets. 

You will always grow from facing your fears, because you step out into the great unknown and climb new heights

If you regularly confront these phantoms, you will build yourself a bullet-proof confidence over time. You will start to feel like you can deal with any situation or face any challenge that is thrown your at you.

Nonetheless, there is a constant tendency for people to do things that are convenient for them and that give them pleasure.

Humans are creatures of comfort, but be aware that the ego will indeed fabricate various story lines to justify and keep you in a comfortable and sedated state.

The things that are not fun in the short term are really the things that move the dial and will catapult you forward in life. 

When you confront your fears, it may feel uncomfortable to feel and embody them, but in the long run, it will create more freedom and upward mobility in your life.

In order to forego short-term pleasure and instead do the things that really move you forward, it takes one thing: self-discipline which is the basic requirement of courage.

Dealing with fear

Courage is not a state of fearlessness. Courage is only a means to overcome the fear that’s in us all. 

A life without fear is not healthy. It’s important to recognize your fears and become extra familiar with them.

This is a byproduct of the path to realizing your true nature and learning more about yourself.

In front of the actual fear also lies the fear of the fear itself.

This fear of fear wants to make sure that the actual fear will not get too close and harm us or make us feel uncomfortable like a bully does. 

Meditation is the secret to dissolving all facades and illusions.

Just feel it

When we become scared and afraid it first shows up in the form of feelings.

It’s at this point that courage can step in and start to shine through.

When you can deal with your feelings and keep them under control, then nothing can stop you from mastering your life and dictating your destiny.

Often times, people give up once they experience a few setbacks, roadblocks and small failures. But the failure itself is not the reason for giving up, but rather, allowing your own feelings to take over and get the best of you.

There’s no shame in failure, none at all. 

Someone who learns to sustain and actualize their power and potential feels right through any sense of shame or dis-empowering feelings.   

With this type of awareness, one learns to step back and just take a break and reflect on what just happened. 

But then he collects this newfound strength and composure to continue his journey onward.

It doesn’t make any sense to be in an emotional state and allow it to persist and linger on, no matter what the feeling is. 

If the feeling is there just allow yourself to fully feel it, then let go of it and move on.

It’s a mistake to endlessly dwell on a feeling, instead, try changing your train of thought to a more neutral and perhaps a positive state of mind.

Try to master the art of being able to drop in and feel the sensations and emotion in the body at any given time.

Because the intelligence of the body never lies.

The unknown

When we go searching in unfamiliar and uncharted territory, we usually encounter many different challenges (think about what Indiana Jones found). 

The solution is to try and break the situation down into smaller, more sizable, and bite-sized chunks.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step”.

Here’s how I put this into practice. “Whenever I have a project that seems so big and daunting and I risk becoming overwhelmed and throwing in the towel, I first and foremost try to break my vision for the project down into small tasks that I can wrap my head around much easier”.

Whenever we fear the unknown, we end up amplifying our fear-based thinking.

When dealing with fear, always think about what is real and true right now in this very moment, and not what the future may hold.


A primary reason many people struggle to grow and achieve something is because their mind and thoughts are scattered all over the place. 

We live in the information age. Most of our lives are insanely digitized with social media and access to a universe of information with only a push of a button.

We are inundated with news, articles, and videos that flood our psyche all day long. The amount of time most people spend in front of the television and computer is staggering (I’ve been guilty of this).  

I’ll admit, it’s very enjoyable to have access to this world of information and data. But, if we’re not mindful it will distract us and lead us down a rabbit hole, sometimes for many hours (or months on a certain topic or series).

Digital and technological distractions are the biggest challenge of our time (not just for the youth).

For the most part, these distractions ultimately lead us further away from ourselves.

For example; compare the life of a child that lives in a highly populated metropolitan city, vs one that grows up in the countryside surrounded by the rhythms of nature.   

It’s important to refocus more of our time and energy back to working on ourselves and developing our real potential.

It starts with more self-awareness, and becoming more mindful about how we manage our time, with the time that we are blessed with. 

Time is precious, we are only given so much of it in this life, it’s over in a blink of an eye, so always remember to use it wisely.

Energy flows where the attention goes

One of the most important laws of life is the fact that energy flows where our attention and point of focus are directed.

That means: what you put your focus on will grow and thrive.

For example; imagine you have two puppies, and you give one your full attention, shower him with lots of love and joy, and you ignore and leave the other one outside.

Which dog do you think will be more friendly and social? Which one will be happier?

Here’s another example; there are two people who aspire to learn a second language, one person practices for an hour per day, with a tutor and reading and studying texts. The second person only practices on Sunday evening for an hour. Who do you think will excel and learn more quickly?

Even if the second person has a much higher IQ, it still won’t matter because what you lack in brain smarts you can surely make up with dedication and persistence. 

What you put your attention on grows and thrives.

Ask yourself, how much of your attention do you put towards working on your goals, dream, and creative projects? What words and thoughts do you tell yourself? 

Consider giving yourself more time to let your creativity take over, make a little more space for YOU because you deserve it.

Make yourself and your family the focus of your life because it is your life, then go out and help the world. 

This is not selfish either, because an authentically satisfying life requires time to nurture and tend to oneself. Focus and concentrate on enhancing your unique qualities, characteristics, virtues, and goodwill.

The basic recipe for success is to focus your energy on your goal or what you want to achieve. When you shift your full attention on a single task or project, it’s really impossible to fail (it may take months or years to come to fruition, but it will happen). 

Problems, hindrances and various road blocks are bound arise along the way. 

Learn to become a problem solver, and find creative solutions, and explore ways to overcome the challenge.

Remember, if there’s a will then there’s a way through it.

The longer and more intently that you keep your attention focused on a particular project, the more you water, feed, and nourish it. As you put more time and energy on your project, the right ideas and solutions will naturally come to your mind, including the best resources and people, just when you need them. 

The stars will line up for you, especially when you’re in alignment with your heart’s true purpose. 

Your intuition will help guide you along the way.  

When you encounter a problem, just pause, become silent and momentarily go within. Ask yourself “How can I solve problem X?” And then just be patient, allow the insight and solution to flow without forcing it. 

You can also strengthen this power during meditation. I get the bulk of my ideas in meditative, passive, and relaxed states of consciousness.

There’s a solution to every obstacle.


There’s a huge difference between what the mind and what the heart can give you. The mind is inherently limited. The heart is truly unlimited. Deep within you have a wellspring of infinite peace, infinite light, and infinite bliss.

Happiness is a gradual process, It’s like a river flowing to its source, the sea. That source is also within you and I, it’s not found outside. In order to dive into this source we have to be content with what we have and what we are, but not in a complacent way.

True happiness is not a mental hallucination based on the external. 

True happiness is the spontaneous feeling of joy that comes from knowing that you are doing the right thing and living a life that is totally congruent and in alignment with your heart’s purpose.

So follow the wisdom of the heart and transform your happiness for a lifetime.

Experience Joy

One of my favorite ways to instantly feel joy is to spend time in a luscious garden and look at the flowers and butterflies.

Find a garden and try touching the flowers, just look at them and admire beauty of these flowers and observe them with your entire being. 

Try not to label them at the moment, but rather experience the flower as a being just like you.

Be present and don’t speak.

The flowers will give you joy with their aromatic scents and fragrances. The butterflies will remind you how to be and float through life in a graceful way.

No matter how miserable you feel when you go into a garden, you will come back feeling refreshed, revitalized, and with a smile on your face. 

I also find joy when I spend time around children playing at the park.

I invite you to just spend time watching them play, and frolic, try to drop into the moment with them. This will instantly give you a joyful feeling inside.

I also experience peace and joy when I gaze up at the stars at night, or the bright blue sky during the day. Try to merge and become one with these spaces and experiences. 

Unlimited space gives us joy. Lie down and look at the sky. 

Imagine your thoughts are like clouds in the sky.

Breathe in and try to imagine that you are inhaling the endless sky. 

Feel yourself merging and becoming one with the sky, feel yourself enter the infinite sky. 

Bringing it all together

One way to focus and concentrate your attention more effectively is to get into the habit of just doing one thing at a time, cultivate x-ray focus and vision.

When you’re doing something, immerse yourself in it with all of your senses, be total with it. This will help you to cultivate your intuitive sense.

If you eat, then you eat. If you send an email then just write the email, block out all popups.

If you work, turn off your phone, and JUST DO THE WORK.

Also, be mindful of how often you get distracted browsing the internet or using social media. 

Focus your attention on just one thing at a time. Finish and complete it, then you can move on the next task.

Practice this when you interact with people too. Learn to listen without immediately thinking about what you are going to say or do next. Really take in what the other person is saying, and be fully present, and don’t text while someone sharing their heart with you.

Develop and increase your awareness, to really understand the other person and really perceive how they feel.

If you can do that, a new way of being will reveal itself to you.

Through the doorway of your perception, a new and profound depth to your life will open up to you. 

It can start happening in your next interaction. It’s just a conscious choice to become more aware.

If you are receiving information that doesn’t really matter to you, then block out all unnecessary influences that don’t help you in life and only you steal your time, and rob you of your precious time and life energy.

In this way, you will also gain a new understanding and continue developing yourself. 

You get better at knowing and understanding yourself, especially the calm inside you. 

Focus your attention on things that you really want to see grow and bloom.

Till next time.

Love Dale