Water Kefir Grains


Live Fresh Water Kefir Grains


  • 2 Tablespoons of Living Water Kefir Grains in sugar water solution
  • Makes 4 cups (1 quart) per packet in the first batch – use 2 packets to make half a gallon or 4 to make 1 gallon the first time, then they may be re-used and wil reproduce
  • Cultivated with organic sugar & purified, fluoride-free water
  • Detailed Water Kefir Recipe and Tips sheet
  • Free Lacto Fermented Sodas Guide with bonus recipes!
  • Gluten-free facility
  • Kosher certified ingredients
  • May take a few batches to reproduce as the grains adapt to their new environment
  • May also be adapted for Coconut Water

Why Make Water Kefir?

  • Easier than kombucha to make.
  • Healthy organisms  (over 400 types of bacteria) that promote gut health and immunity.
  • Milder flavor
  • Safe for the family

Water Kefir Grains are bacteria and yeasts that consume and ferment sugar in a water to create a naturally effervescent, carbonated, probiotic -good for your belly beverage.

Water kefir grains are Lacto-ferments which have a more milder flavor than Kombucha does.

Diversity is key to having a healthy microbiome (gut). Incorporating living bacteria and yeast from a variety of sources benefits the gut flora, immunity and microbiome.

These are live cultures that are cultivated in organic evaporated cane juice and pure filtered water and are shipped First Class Mail.