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Toasted Oak Barrel – American Made


Toasted Oak Barrel Kombucha Continuous Brew Vessel

American Made Handcrafted Toasted White Oak Barrel. The oak provides the Kombucha bacteria and yeast a unique home and the culture literally grow right into the sides of the barrel, creating probiotic goodness! Wonderful to look at and full of flavor, your own homebrewed oak barrel Kombucha will delight all who savor it.

Made in the USA with all natural materials – no plastic. Plus you can put your mind at ease that with the wooden spigot and all wood construction, there aren’t any harmful chemicals that could potentially leach into your Kombucha!

Oak barrels provide tannins that nourish the Kombucha culture yet mellow the acetic flavor.

Barrels have a medium char.

Includes a wooden spigot and a spigot brush.

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