Kombucha Kits


The Brew Now Kombucha Kit

This kit is great for first-time brewers or anyone who is looking to try their hand at Batch Brewing. The Kombucha Brew Now Kombucha Kit includes one world-famous Kombucha Kamp SCOBY, along with starter liquid and all the other the essential basics that you need to get brewing. Thousands of people from all over the world have chosen this Kombucha brew Kit to get started making Kombucha at home. Also makes a great gift for friends or family, meaning you can buy and brew with confidence. You can customize this kit to with additional cultures, quality USA made glass jars for brewing, and more!


  • 1 SCOBY Kombucha Culture – makes 1 gallon of Kombucha in the first batch, if you’d like to make more than 1 gallon right away, consider adding a second SCOBY
  • Strong Starter liquid – at least 1 cup, packed with the SCOBY and vital for a healthy start to the brew
  • Special Tea Blend For Perfect Kombucha – our House Specialty all organic blend of black, green and white teas plus selected herbals for the best-tasting Kombucha or a delicious cup of tea, hot or cold, anytime; 2oz/30 servings
  • Reusable Muslin Tea Bags
  • Organic Evaporated Cane Juice Sugar
  • Hand-Cut Cotton Cloth Cover & Rubber Band
  • FREE SHIPPING! (in the US)
  • e-Guide with Batch Brew and Continuous Brew instructions – 100 page pdf
  • Web & Client email preferred support

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