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February 17, 2021

Every moment throughout the day your mind is busy with thoughts. These thoughts circle around inside your mind. 

Each thought that comes in is then followed by another one after that. And another, and another.

 We think all the time without even doing anything about it. 

Thinking is an independent process. 

But most people do not realize the power and strength that lie behind their own thoughts. 

Your thoughts are the first place look, if you want to change your own life. 

The way you think will effect every single aspect of your life, whether it’s positive or negative experiences, or happy or sad feelings and emotional states.

Thoughts take on a life of their own, and there’s definitely a massive force behind the power of your thoughts. 

And it’s up to each one of how we choose to think and focus our energy.

In this article I want to share a few practical examples that display just how powerful your thoughts can be.

Observe your thoughts for a moment

Now, take a look at your life and your situation. 

Then think about the many different types of thoughts that come into your mind on a typical day. 

Now, ask yourself if you are happy or dissatisfied with your current life situation. 

You are likely to have at least a few unconsciously destructive thought patterns. These are the thoughts that bring down and put you in a bad mood when you think of them. They dis-empowering in a sense.

And it could even be a reoccurring thought that you think about every day that brings you down and makes you sad or unhappy.

You can recognize these negative thoughts when you start to criticize yourself (you point the finger at yourself) or something about your life – environment, partner, friend or anything else.

Regardless of whether your thoughts are “good” or “bad”, they always have an impact on your life because as you will soon understand, your thoughts are extremely powerful.

The point is, to become more aware of your thoughts in order to really get what you want to be in life.

Thoughts shape our life

When a person has negative thoughts like; “I am ugly and unattractive!  I’m dumb and stupid!  I’m unlucky and nothing ever good happens to me! “, Then unfortunately, it’s true.

You end up making this your reality.

“We are what we think, just like we are what we eat”

If the person changes his words and says: “I like myself!  I am happy and have a good outlook on life!  I like working on my dreams and passion!  I deserve to experience a good life! I want to grow! I love life! – Then this person is (also) right about that too.

Because we become what we think.  And life and the universe will reflect back to us what we believe inside our innermost being.

How do thoughts develop their power?

It’s important to note that if we decide to change our thoughts in a more positive, uplifting way, then don’t expect to be instantly inundated with happiness. 

Keep in mind that the “thought” of changing your thinking is still (conscious thinking). But changing your thoughts negative to positive, is a very important start!

The goal is to make it more habitual and a part of your unconscious mind, so that it happens without even thinking about it.

The next step is to memorize and personally confirm and attest to these thoughts with absolute conviction so that you can truly convince yourself, and believe in them with every ounce of your psyche.

These newfound beliefs start to become anchored into your subconscious mind, where they develop their true power and potential.

This is how you can attract happiness like a magnet.

“We are what we think. We shape our lives according to what we think about it, and we attract the kind of people into our lives that we focus our thoughts on.”

If you now say: “Such nonsense, that can’t be”, then I totally agree with you.

Because as you have already read above, you determine the outcome of your life based on the types of your thoughts.

It’s extremely exciting to imagine that your life can be significantly influenced just by your thoughts, and you, yes you alone hold the power inside your mind’s eye to change everything.

Even if you just simply want to find a parking space, get a raise at work, or just a more loving relationship with someone around you, it doesn’t matter what it is, your thoughts dictate everything.

 We’ve all heard the term “Attitude is everything”, well it should be rephrased to say “thoughts are everything” because thoughts are the driving force that shapes your attitude and outlook on life.

The main thing is that we not only say the wishes to ourselves but also convince ourselves deeply of them.

Essentially, it’s not our conscious, thinking mind that is totally responsible for the power behind our thoughts, but rather our subconscious that runs on autopilot.

By becoming more aware of ourselves, we can make ourselves more and more aware of our subconscious mind and move into balance and harmony with life.

This is how we develop our true inner strength and can consciously dictate the outcome of our life. 

Now, want to offer you three examples of how you can use the power of your thoughts in everyday life situations:

1. Testing the power of thought with the desire for a parking space

Using the parking lot is simple and you can practice it every chance you get.

When you pull into a parking lot, just imagine in your mind of finding that perfect place to park.

Try to feel what it’s like when you don’t have to search or drive around very long, that you will find a place to park right away.

“Embodying positive feelings and visualizations are extremely important, they reinforce our desire in the subconscious turn it into a habit”

Ultimately, it’s about the positive vibrations and good feeling tha we radiate outward. 

The thoughts are the bridge to the feelings. 

Your thoughts create a positive atitutde that helps to favor your chances of getting what you need and want.

This plays a powerful role when your thoughts, visualizations, and actions are in alignment with your heart (especially for bigger wishes and desires that go way beyond just trying to find a parking space.

The possibilities are infinite.

2. Make more money with the power of positive thinking

It’s a little more difficult in the financial realm, because deep down we may feel like this is all we’re really worth, and this is deeply embedded in our subconsious.

If we don’t value and appreciate our time, energy and skills we posess, then no one else will either.

And trying to rack up brownie points won’t serve your highest potential in the long run.

“So everything starts in the mind where we plant the seeds and tend to the garden of high vibrating thoughts and feelings” 

If I want to get a raise, first elevate, and illuminate all thoughts about yourself, go ahead and think highly of yourself, feel like you’re a shooting star.

Only you can be the hero of your one story.

 So, ask yourself this question, what do you think about yourself all day long? 

Do you tell yourself that you’re doing a good job and that you deserve it?

If not, then you should write down all your thoughts and, especially the negative Nancy or Debbie downer destructive ones. 

Try to investigate where the root of that feeling or sensation stems from.

Many times they end up being childhood traumas of some sort of a story that you picked up from your parents, teachers, or peers that has been haunting you for years (or even decades).

Many of us were programmed to be unlucky, doubtful, and self-loathed when we were children.

This practice has been passed on from one generation to the next generation (some stories span several centuries).

People who have grown up in an environment full of “negative thinkers” and are immersed in a scarcity mindset have a little more difficulty in achieving their success (whatever that means to them. 

Negative thoughts become so ingrained in the mind (and body)n their mind (and body), and the stories they tell themselves get recited like are a broken record that never stops playing that never stops playing.

The good news is that’s exactly what we’re here for, to learn how to use and transform our lives with the power of thought alone!

Letting go of negative thoughts

Here’s the way that I personally do it.

Once I’ve consciously worked on my thoughts and recognize the nature of my thoughts, and what I’m thinking, and how they originated, the next step comes in.

Now that I understand the destructive thought patterns better, I can learn to just “let them go” when I no longer want them anymore. 

But I make it crystal clear to myself what it is that I would like to have instead.

I start actively working on my confidence, self-esteem, and how I perceive myself when I look in the mirror. 

I also try appreciate my body because it’s what carries you through the world and what life makes possible feel and experience.

For example; whenever I’m in a sitting forward bend position during my Yoga practice, and my hands are touching my toes, I always give my feet a short massage and thank them for all that they do for me, and everywhere they take me.

We are all so vibrantly beautiful just the way each one of us is, and that’s why you can also praise and love your body. 

One of my favorite exercises is the “inner smile meditation” where I smile loving kindness to all my body and organs, and thank them for all that they do for me.

Even if that sounds a little ridiculous to you, you can still accept and love yourself a little more every day, this helps you increase the power of your thoughts to attract more beauty, abundance and positivity into your life.

“Emanating love is the universal way for creating more abundance in life”

Remember, the power of your thoughts really works, whether you think good or bad, you are creating what you believe to be true into your life. 

Always remember to use your “ thought power” consciously and choose wisely where to direct your focus and energy

Setting powerful intentions

As soon as you have been able to boost your confidence over time, you can get down to active desire and use the power of thoughts to co-create with the universe and attract more goodness into your life.

It’s important that you choose realistic goals. If you earn $2,000 per month, then trying to increase your salary to $10,000 is an unrealistic step in the short-term.

Your wish should be possible and tangible. Start by increasing it by $1,000 extra per month (or $33 extra per day). 

The most important thing is that you are comfortable with this amount, that you can accept it and fully believe in it.

Small, incremental improvements and baby steps are much easier to achieve and (more empowering) because it’s the everyday small wins that help to build and increase your confidence, that can eventually lead to bigger wins.

But, if you set your expectations to high (at first) then you run the risk of letting yourself down because bit off more than you could chew, and you may have got overwhelmed in the beginning which prevented you from even starting in the first place. 

Actively try to sense and feel what it’s actually like to attract this higher sum of money into your life every month (or each day. 

Imagine the specific actions that you’re taking to earn $33 each day. 

Close your eyes and imagine the situations and types of snecarios that are taking place to receive this money. 

Imagine how it feels at the end of the month to have an extra $1,000 dollars, what will you do?

But, before you start daydreaming you first have to visualize the steps to get there.

And imagine how you will spend it. It’s important to understand what you want to do with the money, everything needs a purpose.

If you just want money, nothing will happen. You need to know exactly what the driving force is for making the money in the first place.

If you have a big enough reason, then you will find a way.

But, ideally, it should be something that bring you joy and makes your heart laugh and giggle.

“Intentions can only come true if you believe in them deeply and your heart starts to expand and open”

The most important step is to feel like you are receiving that new amount of money every day.. Feel it with your whole body and being.

What else will you visualize?

It doesn’t matter what are of your life you set intentions, just imagine the various steps. If it’s a raise you want then visualize talking to your boss, staring him in eye dominating confidence and feel yourself clearing articulate to him that you think a higher salary is more appropriate after you tell him about the value that you bring to the team.

This does not have to be your current employer. You can also visualize talking to your future boss at another company, which will then also recognize your skills and talents.

When people change, their environment usually changes also. 

If the environment is reluctant to change. The people that get hungry enough will eventually change their environment. 

Just like life, people want to grow and prosper.

Get into the feeling of fulfillment and begin to open all the doors in your life. 

But, no one has total control over theri life and circumstances. 

If you want to change your life, you may have to change and embark on a genuine personal transformation to alter your life circumstances.

Fulfilling your intentions and deepest desires with the power of your thoughts is also about using your intuition .

If you fail with your new desired salary in your current place of employment and have exhausted all your options, then the impulse may arise to change the company you’re at, or even your profession and where thought you were going in life. 

3. Using the power of thoughts to create loving relationships

Now we arrive at the most difficult example; attracting genuine people and consciously loving partnerships into your life 

Who doesn’t dream of big love(s) and authentic friends who got your back through thick and thin, and stick by you no matter how hard or difficult the situation is,  and respect you unconditionally?

Friends who innately have your best interest in mind, and especially help lift you up to become the best version of yourself, and applaud you along the way. 

Anyone who just tries to find someone without first cleaning the skeletons in the closet will never find what they want from the bottom of their hearts.

Everything starts with you. 

We can only receive and experience the love that we also feel and give to ourselves.

Even when we meet people who show us true love, we cannot recognize and accept them. 

We must first accept and love ourselves. Only then can we accept love from others. 

It’s important to start to become aware of all the destructive “thought patterns” that stand in the way of true self-love.

The thing is, you always attract people into your life who are just like you, “like attracts like”. 

You attract into your life what you radiate. This is the law of resonance with which the power of our thoughts is activated.

The solution is to first become what you want your partner to be. Only then will you draw the type of person into your life that you truly want. 

Other people are nothing more than a mirror of your own thoughts and feelings and emotional state.

If I criticize someone else, I am just reflecting on how I feel myself. 

Try to critically evaluate all your life situations and experiences and see what they want to teach you, and what you can learn from them.

What conscious or unconscious aspect of you could have created this situation, whether good or bad?

I consider a certain level of self-awareness and self-mastery over your own thinking to be essential if you want to use the power of your thoughts for what you really want to manifest in life.

Forming your reality

With the power of your thoughts alone, you can use your “power of influence” to shape your reality in the here and now.

But, I also have to tell you that there’s no guarantee that you will always get what you want from life. 

Nope, there’s a lot of variables involved.

There is no such thing as complete control over life. But that’s also relieving to understand because it opens the chance to trust in the process and the great mystery of life.

And the spirit may have other plans for you.

However, this is mainly due to your subconscious, which also works in the background and creates the mass majority of events that take place in your life and actually unfold for you. 

If we then assume that you have a higher self (soul) who always has the upper hand and navigates you through life, your influencing factors are even smaller.

So how do you best live your life?

You follow the inner voice of your intuition

If you have the desire to cultivate a certain area of your life, then you should do so and tap into the power of your thoughts to actualize it.

Your intuition is the master navigator which can guide you through life and is the connection to your highest self. 

So follow your heart and you will have no regrets.

The primary question is – “where is your inner voice of intuition leading you, and what lessons can you learn on the journey?”

In many ways, you influence what you radiate out into the world, but you have zero control over what you get from life.

There are no guarantees in life.

But I can promise you this; “when you learn to use your intuition and get a feel for it, and your wants and desires are in harmony and alignment with your heart, you will eventually embark on a life that is best for you, and you will start to live your true purpose.

In conclusion

What works best for me is the awareness of living and being in the “here and now”, which helps to interrupt the constant noise of thinking and incessant background chatter. 

To maintain this state, meditation is the golden key.

Just understand that your own thoughts are more important than we realize.

Just imagine, do you think an acorn or the earth and cosmos is thinking? 

I believe they’re tapping into a universal, intuitive conscious that each one of us also has access to.

What have you already manifested and how do you proceed?

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About the author

My name is Dale Hoskins. My intention is to help accompany you to develop your highest potential as a human being, and to fully express your true gifts in this world. This will lead to a more embodied and fulfilled life, that's characterized by love, joy and a deep sense of ease and peace, for you and for all other sentient beings.

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