What is the meaning of life?

February 16, 2021

Have you ever asked your what is the meaning of life is,? Why are we here? 

It’s easy to get lost in the everyday grind of working, eating, parties, and always preoccupied with something to do. 

But, sometimes we ask ourselves, what’s it all for? 

Why are we here and what is the deeper meaning of life? 

In this article, I would like to address the recurring question about the meaning of life, and hopefully give you a fresh outlook and a little bit of meaningful inspiration on man’s search for meaning.

When you look outside for the meaning of life which glorifies status, reputation, money, and riches, it’s easy to think that this is what it’s all about.

I’m mean,  we grow up in a culture in which these values ​​are literally worshiped like a religion.

It’s a race to the top, and if you’re not first then you’re last. This is the way of the world, or so it seems.

And in society, it’s of extreme importance to always aspire to be the best, and rack us many successes and achievements, degrees and medals.

Unfortunately, we end up getting tired, burned out and exhausted. Because there is apparently no end in mind, so we go along with everyone else.

We strive to hopefully arrive at a place one day, and say; “Yes, I’ve finally made it and I’ve reached my goal”. 

Because let’s be honest, once we have finally attained the goal or achievement, we may be happy for a moment or maybe a couple of weeks. 

But after that, we get to a point where we’re used to this success and we long for even more, and our appetite becomes even more insatiable again.

This is the endless pursuit of happiness that depends on the constant stimulation of external influences. 

Then we become unhappy when someone has something that we don’t have, it could be more cash flow, is better looking, beats our record, or can do something a little bit better.

But this only happens when we connect our self-esteem and self-worth to external circumstances. 

If we do not know and love ourselves on an intimate level, we must shower ourselves with trophies and status symbols on the outside to fill us up. 

This means that we define ourselves with our status, with our skills, and even with our bank account.

If we feel successful and have more than enough money in our account, the world is fine for a moment and we feel good. 

But as soon as someone else has passed us up, we feel a little smaller and our self-worth shrinks a little more and we want to compensate for that with more achievements and success.

Alternatively, we just get used to striving to keep up with the status quo. 

The girlfriend, the car will get boring after a while, and a new fulfillment has to come from the outside, to feed the addictive desire. Something that entertains us and gives us pleasure.

Recognize the futility

Go right ahead, take part in this rat race for fame and respect, but there will eventually come a time when you long for more.

This feeling doesn’t long for more the same external stimuli, like money, power, and recognition – but for more depth, meaning and truth.

It’s not a matter of if, but when this feeling will haunt start to tug at you.

In time, the previous hustle will start to feel more and more pointless and empty. Always toiling, and struggling to get more.

As a society, it seems that we’ve gone absolutely mad, with infinite growth on a finite planet.

Always doing and going, but what about inner calm? Why all the continous running around in a constant state of stress and disease? Is this what your heart and soul really want.

This is the moment when we can gain important insight, we might pause and ask ourselves:

  • Is there more than just always pleasing others?
  • Is there more fulfillment?
  • Is there constant happiness?

The time for self-knowledge has come my friend. 

When you start to explore your true self, you can find that at this moment you are good enough just the way you are.

You’re perfect and beautiful and totally complete in your fullness. 

You don’t have to achieve anything outside, and you don’t have to build a facade that has nothing to do with the truth.

Isness is my business

Perhaps you will realize that you are not your mind or your thoughts and therefore you do not have to identify with the things on the outside. 

Because that’s the illusion. 

It is a make-believe world that makes you dependent, that makes you feel unworthy like you’re not enough.

And all the upkeep, you have to constantly take care of and maintain your reputation and your precious possessions. 

There may come a time when you realize this, and you can break away from this heavy attachment and realize the following truth:

Hey, I’m good enough the way I am now. I don’t have to do anything for it. I am valuable because I am, because I just exist. And I exist because in this moment I can look at myself and feel. “

You are no longer looking for the meaning of life in material possessions and recognition but inside yourself. 

Who am I really? Am I my status and my reputation? Or am I just a human? 

You’re a person with a spirit and soul who wants to experience life and love in this amazing world?

You trade the running, doing, and constant busyness for appparent happiness for a more simple state of being and realize that you don’t have to do anything to be happy, just be you.

Feeling yourself, loving your body as it is, brings enough satisfaction and happiness!

The best part is you can create and cultivate this happiness yourself. 

You no longer have to allow yourself to be manipulated by advertising messages that make you feel less whole, and you no longer need to fill your inner emptiness with useless products that you do not need anyway. 

The inner emptiness no longer exists because you feel being and the truth of who you are, which is infinite creative power and potential.

How senselessness and inner emptiness arise

Inner emptiness only arises when we are separated from the love within ourselves. 

When we are taught that we must first achieve this or be that in order to be valuable and appreciated

This is one of the biggest illusions that we teach our youth.

The truth is that everyone is a vibrant shining light, that is whole and complete. 

When a child is born, he is pure and his mind is not yet “contaminated” with the illusions and traumas of this world. 

That kid is just happy. He plays and enjoys the simplest things: a flower, a butterfly, a ray of sunshine, climbing a tree.

As adults, however, we have internalized that we must first achieve or become something in this world in order to be someone. 

This is part of the daily upbringing of our childhood, which resonates with sentences such as “Learn something so that you become something”, “be all that you can be”.

At that moment the child begins to link happiness as being dependent on successes and achievement that are confirmed by their teachers and role models. 

It’s not uncommon for us to pursue a career that does not interest us but instead makes our parents happy.

Unconditional happiness is the meaning of life

True radiant happiness is our natural state of being. We don’t need anything more to be happy. 

We can be happy because we are who we are. 

Success and fame are beautiful experiences in living life, but we recognize in our hearts that these are only short-term side effects. 

It’s not the success that makes us happy, but because we are happy we have succeeded in life. 

Therefore, success is often a companion to happiness, but our real internal happiness originates within.

So it’s essential to live our lives and be authentic and show up fully to ourselves and remain in alignment with our actions and stay congruent with what gives us pure joy – and not with what brings us fame.

Personal development as the meaning of life

Isn’t it the case that the more wisdom and experience we gain, the better we can deal with life?

We find and create solutions to our problems. 

Problems are no longer problems and no longer prevent us from being happy. 

You could say that the real meaning of life is to gain experience and develop yourself on many different levels.

I don’t just mean professional development, as most people are currently doing exclusively. I also mean further development of social skills in dealing with people and cultivating authentic relationships and plant and animal beings on planet earth.

I also mean cultivating your artistic abilities and finding your true calling, and revealing the magnificent ways of life that bring you total happiness.

In order to practice this further development in your life, however, you need the conscious decision: “Yes, I want to change myself in order to make my life more conscious and more deeply satisfying”. 

Life makes sense when we love and feel fully

Ask a “head over heels” person in love what the meaning of life is and he will answer you for sure: “Love, just to love, love, love!

Why is that exactly?

Love gives us wonderful feelings . Our body is covered with goosebumps, it tingles in our stomach and everywhere in between, just a feeling of sheer ecstasy. 

Many people recall having very spiritual experiences in the bedroom making love to their partner.

Being in love releases a flood of oxytocin (the love chemical) and other powerful hormones that make you feel literally intoxicated. 

You can also fall in love with the same person again and again and with new depth, devotion and commitment. That is one of the great challenges of loving fully.

What can we take from this? 

That love is a beautiful way, and probably the most intense way, to create strong body feelings and emotions. 

These feel good sensation are responsible for the fact that we just feel good in the present moment, and all is perfect

So a big purpose in life is to just feel good. 

It starts with sharpening and refining our body’s senses. 

It gives us joy slowly enjoying the sensation of eating and drinking, to touch and caress ourselves and our lover. 

Everything we do in life is in principle geared towards living more fully, experiencing more and feeling more. 

To live is to be growing, blooming, expanding, and growing up towards the light.

Material goods and recreational drugs and alcohol are only rudimentary substitutions and offer temporary gratifications that do not reach the full depths of the human’s heart and have no real lasting permanence.

More meaning in life through conscious perception and feeling

Just simply perceiving and feeling in all totality, like the ray of sunshine penetrating the skin, the rain beading down on the face, swimming in a cool mountain spring, sweating in the sweat lodge, or slow, gentle caring touches.

We can pay special attention to feeling at any moment, like when we walk, we can feel the soles of our feet contacting the ground while feeling the transfer of energy up through the body.

It’s like a meditation in motion, totally present.

These are little things, but they add to the quality depth of our life.

As I said, happiness can be easy when we remember and never forget our inner child. 

For them, it is the greatest thing to perceive everything and to explore it with an open heart. 

Caress your lover’s hands softly, and open yourself up to a world of sensation.

If you love yourself and your body as well as the people and creature in your life then you are filled with good feelings and delight. 

So the question of the meaning of life no longer arises. Someone who asks about the meaning of life has just forgotten to love, to feel, and to just be.

Take care of your self-love along with your body, mind, and heart, because they are the vessel that grants you access to love and feels.

If you do this the meaning will open up by itself. 

Connect with people on multiple levels, and get into a deep, honest and loving conscious relationship(s). This is the best way to create powerful feelings.

The meaning of life is feeling totally, and it’s not just about good feelings, but about the full range of human emotional states. Live fully!

What do you think is the meaning of life?

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My name is Dale Hoskins. My intention is to help accompany you to develop your highest potential as a human being, and to fully express your true gifts in this world. This will lead to a more embodied and fulfilled life, that's characterized by love, joy and a deep sense of ease and peace, for you and for all other sentient beings.

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