35 tips to live your life without regrets

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Last updated on March 4, 2021

There are things in life that we would have liked to have done differently, or not at all.

As time unfolds, these are things we end up regretting.

And when we regret things, it can build up inside of us, and eat us alive.

They can haunt us and lurk around like skeletons in the closet, making our lives a living hell. 

Sometimes daily we remind ourselves that we either did something wrong or not good enough. These things can become a huge burden that affects our well-being, mental outlook and peace of mind.

Over time, we learn and grow, however, that doesn’t mean we won’t forget about life’s regrets and the things we did before we knew better. 

But, it’s important to understand that all these experiences and so called “regrets” are part of our life and have actively shaped who we are in this very moment in time.

 We wouldn’t be the people we are today without many of these life regret learning experiences. 

However, we should let go of the negative things that make us regret, what done is done – and we can’t change that. 

But what can we do to live a life free from sadness and despair?

How to live a life without having to regret anything

  1. Accept the fact that you are going to make mistakes and that it is fine. Learn to face your mistakes head-on in order to keep moving forward in life.
  2. Make your health and wellbeing a priority and take care of yourself. Only then can you take care of others.
  3. Make up your own mind and don’t let other people’s opinions dictate what to do.
  4. Go your own way in life instead of following the paths and orders others want you to follow. You have to make your own decisions and live your life, otherwise, you will live and build someone else dream. 
  5. Let yourself be driven by your own curiosity and wonder and say yes to your own creative exploration.
  6. Approach your life with a sense of humor and ease whenever you can.
  7. Look for the adventure and excitement in everything: try new things and take risks that lead you out of your comfort zone!
  8. Relax and let go of your fear of change and the unknown.
  9. Find your happiness in as many things and people as possible, looking at a flower, holding hands with your lover.
  10. Don’t judge people until you’ve really got to know them and read the pages in their book.
  11. Be grateful for what you have, don’t fret about what you have and don’t have, instead focus more on living experiences rather than accumulating material things.
  12. Wish everyone the best of luck and do not look at others with envy.
  13. Let others share in your happiness and successes instead of just keeping it to yourself and hoarding.
  14. Don’t try to change the other’s will to meet your needs, demands and desires.
  15. Let your happiness be more important than your material possessions.
  16. Use your strength and life force energy extemely wisely, do not waste it on things that hurt you, waste your time, or that do not have a positive effect on your life.
  17. Be bold and brave. Have the courage it takes to make changes in your life that are necessary and take action, and accept the things that cannot be changed.
  18. Master the control of your negative thoughts and don’t let the monkey mind rule your life.
  19. Love your career, job or what you do to survive – and if not, take the necessary steps to do something that fulfills and leads to everlasting satisfaction even if it scares you.
  20. Look at problems from multiple perspectives and try to find the best solution for every problem
  21. Dismiss what others think of you, it doesn’t matter after all.
  22. Don’t put off doing what you can do now in this moment. Later may never come.
  23. Don’t waste your time trying to please people you don’t even like.
  24. Change your perspective on life and take a broader view of things and people, and place yourself in other people’s shoes.
  25. Become the person you really want to be. Do not be satisfied with a mediocre life that you are not happy with, you have infinite potential.
  26. Give up your anger and hate towards others. He is just an unnecessary burden that only brings you pain and suffering anyways.
  27. Be honest and true to yourself.
  28. Set your own goals and think about what needs to be done to achieve them. Write it down and put it on the wall.
  29. Treat others with compassion, respect, and above all lovel 
  30. Spend time with people who make you happy and don’t waste your time with people who don’t (avoid emotional vampires)/
  31. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in and don’t let anyone stop you from living your truth.
  32. Participate in life instead of just watching it on the sidelines.
  33. Do what you like and don’t get wrapped up with things that don’t bring you joy and happiness.
  34. Do something every day that makes you proud – whether people notice it or not.
  35. Always take care of yourself and never stop moving forward – even if it’s only one step today.
  36. Be present, and love fully.