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Last updated on February 22, 2021

Knowing your own values ​​and living them can be the key to inner peace.

Maybe you’re wondering what is important to you in life anyways?

You are definitely not alone. This may be related to our entering the Aquarian Age. The point to understand is that we to our inner freedom and live it and embrace it. 

It’s never been a better time than now to discover, redefine and live your own values. Walk your truth.

I hope the following exercise can help you figure out what’s important to you in life. 

The following exercise can help you figure out what is important to you in life.

First, determine your values

First, a word about the list, read each value out loud, this helps you physically feel how they affect you within. 

As you read the list, try to listen to your heart and pay attention to your gut feeling around the torso area. Take note – If your heart center expands then it’s good. If it contracts, then you should pass on that particular value. 

If you think too long about a value, then this is not really decisive or concrete enough for you either, it should be relatively quick YES.

Try not to pay attention to social values ​​or if a certain value sounds good (or should be good). It’s about you and your life – it’s your journey.

Because the truth is that only what you can represent totally with all your heart will make you happy at the end of the day. Then you will meet more and more people throughout your life who also represent similar or identical core life values – like attracts like.

So, write down ten values ​​from this list below that are particularly important to you and that resonate and ignite something inside you. There may be other values ​​important to you, but it’s sufficient if you pick atleast ten values for this exercise.

List the values that seem most important to you 

  • Adventure – variety – mindfulness – acceptance – appreciation – adaptability – appearance – authenticity – aesthetics 
  • Balance – enthusiasm – popularity – mobility in the mind – movement – awareness 
  • Gratitude – discipline 
  • Authenticity – honesty – ingenuity – uniqueness – commitment – relaxation – success – enlightenment – nutrition – eroticism
  • Family – Fantasy – Sensitivity – Flexibility – Freedom – Friends – Abundance – Fearlessness
  • Accuracy – genius – enjoyment – justice – faith – equanimity – happy relationships – grandiosity – generosity
  • Harmony – healing – helpfulness – humor 
  • inner peace – integrity – intelligence – intuition
  • Competence – creativity
  • Liveliness – lightness – passion – performance – willingness to learn – love – loyalty – lust – luxury
  • Temperance – Minimalism – Compassion – Courage
  • Sustainability – charity – closeness – love of nature – lack of envy – curiosity
  • Openness – optimism – love of order 
  • Eloquence – wealth – maturity – wanderlust – respect – willingness to take risks
  • Self-determination – self-knowledge – self-love – self-compassion – independence – self-worth – sex – security – meaning – solidarity – fun – spirituality
  • Tolerance – tradition – transparency – loyalty
  • independence
  • Responsibility – solidarity – reliability – trust
  • Wisdom – Appreciation – Knowledge – Prosperity
  • Civil courage – satisfaction – belonging – reliability

Organize your values

Now once you’ve made a list of your most important values, put them in order of importance. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What are my top three priorities in my life? 
  • Why is this value so important to me?
  • How can I integrate it more consciously into my life?

Set priorities

Now take the top three values ​​of your list and try to consciously integrate them into your life over the next few weeks and months, until they stick and eventually become a part of your life.

But please do not overwhelm yourself. Write these values ​​down on a piece of paper or a post-it note, stick it by the door, on your dashboard, and on the fridge.  Put them in places where you’ll always see them and be reminded of them often.

The trick is to stick with it and literally make it your daily mantra. At the end of the day, keep asking yourself whether you have acted, spoken, and lived your day according to your core values. 

When you get into situations where you feel compelled to deny your values, ask yourself what it takes for you to be totally true to yourself. 

Values ​​can change throughout the course of a lifetime. They determine your thoughts, your actions, and your life

Your values ​​reveal who you are

Everyone has their own set of core values. 

They are something very personal and intimate to each on of us

They determine your thoughts, your actions, and direct your life. 

They show you what it is that you consider ethically and morally correct.

They literally define who you are as a human.

They are reflected in your beliefs, behavior patterns, traits, likes, and dislikes. 

They’re your calling card, so to speak.

Your personal and professional life is based on several foundational pillars, but you values ​​are equally important in both areas. Therefore, they should be the same in both areas. 

For example; many people practice a set of values at home and then adhere to an entirely different set of values that are many times totally out of alignment with your life and your soul.

It’s a slow death, trust me.

And, it’s important to understand that values ​​can change throughout the course of a lifetime. It is, therefore, worthwhile to stop and pause every now and again and ask yourself: 

  • Do I live the values ​​that are important to me? 
  • Which values ​​were important to me in the past? 
  • Which values ​​have I adopted?
  • Which acquired value would I like to let go of? 
  • What value scares the poop out of me?
  • Do I lead a life in accordance with my values?
  • Which values ​​are important to my immediate environments – such as my partner, my family, and my friends? 
  • What values ​​do I bring into my work?
  • Which values ​​fall by the wayside or put on the backburner?

Living your values 

The better you can recognize your own values, ​​and the more that you actually live your true desires and needs, the more clear your life will become. 

Your relationships may change because you know what you want – and what you no longer want to be.

Knowing what you no longer want is very important if you want to experience more satisfaction in this life, especially when it comes to realizing your own values. It gives you complete clarity and can alter the course of your life. 

You will stand up more for the things that are near and dear to your heart and ultimately focus your precious time and energy towards a beautiful life that you can be truly proud of when you reach your death bed. 

In time you will get closer and closer to your soul’s plan and you will be able to live your purpose more and more as you embark on the “hero’s journey” if you choose to.

Living your own values ​​can become the key to your inner peace and self-actualization

Accept other values

Everyone’s values ​​are uniquely individual and everyone has their own values. Your values ​​will probably be different from other people around you. 

As far as your inner circle goes, if your values are different then it may be time to find a new circle or group of friends who are more in alignment with your life.

You will probably always meet people who have and represent completely different values ​​than you. Here tolerance and mindfulness are required. Make yourself aware that every person, just like you, wants to be happy and that your own values ​​are a kind of compass on the way to inner peace.

The thing is, many people never take the time to figure out what it is that they want in life (let alone their core values) and the virtues that they want to live by.

It has been proven that people who live by their own values ​​are happier and more optimistic. Since these are very unique to each one of us, it is a great practice to try and accept other values even if there not your own and different from yours. 

If you succeed in this, you will automatically be able to expand your values ​​with tolerance, acceptance, and a profound sense of wisdom. 

Living your own values ​​can become the key to your inner peace. We cannot change external circumstances nor the people around us, but if we look within ourselves, this will also affect the lives of others because when we change it radiates outward. Then we ourselves become the change we want to be in the world!

You can also write down your values ​​on a vision board to remind yourself of them again and again. Here you can find out how you can create your personal vision board:  Learn how to create a vision board here.