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Last updated on September 16, 2022

We all have access to an infinite source of inspiration and power. 

It’s available to each one of us, all the time.

It’s here that all your dreams can become realized and fully actualized. 

By using the power of your mind and visualizing what your dream feels like in the present moment, you can turn your  dream into a reality.

It’s time to move beyond the gigantic world of mindless, everyday distractions that always seem to lead us away from all the miraculous, and heartfelt intentions that ignite those dreams in the first place.

I want you to open up your mind, and your heart and understand something.

Choosing to manifest your dreams and realize your destiny is really just a breath away.

But will you?

I wanna try to show you that you already have the power to decide what you create and consciously bring into your life. 

So, Realize that you are infinite

You are an infinite spiritual being that is made up of the same stuff that’s floating around the universe. 

And, if you really are made of stardust, and the elements of the universe, then that means you have access to the same infinite creative power that is coursing throughout the entire universe. 

Your job is to become an open conduit, an empty vessel, and just allow this inherent wisdom and natural, universal intelligence to flow through you.

Krishnamurti once said, “you are the teacher, you are the master, you are the guru, you are the leader, you are everything, to understand this, is to transform what is”.

This source of incredibly infinite potential is laying dormant within you, ready to be awakened.

Just like Tony Robbins said, “awaken the giant within”.

It starts with observing your thoughts

You become what you think, and what you spend your time thinking about, is exactly what you will attract and bring into your life. 

What you think, will become your reality.

The universe is like a mirror, if you spend all your time thinking about how unfair life is, or playing the victim, and feeling like everyone is out to get you, then this is what will happen. 

On the flip side, if you wanna receive more blessings and abundance in your life, then you must become more abundant and give, give, give more away, in your thoughts, and your actions.

Become more selfless and serve creation.

If you want to manifest your dreams and realize your purpose, then it’s of paramount importance that you start to proactively regulate the types of thoughts that you spend time thinking about each day. (I can’t stress this enough).

Your thoughts ripple into your body and dictate how you will feel on the inside, which will show up on the outside in your everyday life. 

Set yourself free and dissolve your limiting beliefs

I want you to ask yourself a question, are you 100% satisfied with your life and where you’re at this moment in time?

Your state of mind is responsible for why you are where you are at, in your life right now. 

And only you can decide if you like where you are at.  

Everything that you believe to be true through stories and cultural beliefs that you’ve acquired throughout your lifetime, is responsible for where you are at, and where you are going.

Take stock of your thoughts, write them down, and ask yourself this: “what do I think about during the day? Do I have pleasant, uplifting and empowering thoughts? Or are they self-criticizing and disempowering?

Keep in mind that over 90% of what we think is repetitive, day in, and day out.

We think about the same stuff over and over. 

If you wanna transform your life and vibrate at the highest frequency possible then you have to change your mindset, your outlook, and how you perceive yourself.

Everyone has bouts of despair and low points in life.

But too many negative thoughts, especially the ones that keep on showing up in your life, will distort your perception, and blind you, to your magnificence, and will lead you to lose sight of your power and the gifts that are inside you.

Here’s what I like to do.

Envision my dreams already unfolding in my life.

In my eyes, I’m already living and experiencing my dreams. 

I learned long ago that it’s human nature to always want more and to never be satisfied with what we have, or where we’re at. 

Our appetite is never satiated. We’re in constant pursuit of more. 

We usually miss the many blessings that are present in our life, while at the same time becoming blind to what our dreams really are.

So when I say that I’m already living my dream, it’s because I’ve created the life of my dreams by figuring out what a typical day in the life of my dream, really looks like.

I try to create my desired set and setting and create a blueprint on a daily basis.

I try to organize and set up the right environment, and the best ambiance to set the tone, that’s conducive to my create flow, throughout my day.

I try to cultivate experiences each day.

I try to imagine what they feel like in my everyday life while remaining grateful for being close and connected to my dream and realizing its potential. 

I try to feel with all my five senses, and every ounce of my being that my dream has already come true.

I try to taste it, feel it, and recreate it each and every day.

So, what does a typical day in your dream life look like? What foods do you eat? What do you smell when you wake up? Where do you wake up? And with whom? What do you do with your time?

Once you know this, then work backwards and deconstruct your dream to this point in time as you listen to the sound of my voice entering through your eardrums and piercing your mind.

Believe in yourself

There’s an untapped wellspring, of unlimited potential that’s deep inside you, and it’s available to each one of us all the time.

In this moment, you can start to manifest virtually anything that you can possibly imagine.

Anything is possible, you just have to open up to the possibility and trust the process.

It’s important to start unplugging from your old story and cultural conditioning and believe with your heart, your mind, and every part of your being that you can start to take the steps to manifest your chosen destiny.

If you have the ability to envision your dream, then you have the power to manifest and actualize it into reality.

Stay focused

Practice as often as you can the art of keeping your mind razor-focused on your ability to attract anything that you need or dream of into your life. 

I wanna invite you to close your eyes just for a few seconds.

Bring your focus down to your chest, and open up your heart, then your mind, along with every pore in your body.

As you breathe in, become like a magnet. 

When you breathe in, you are breathing in white light and abundance, and all that you need.

Feel it flowing into your being.

As you exhale, imagine all your inherent gifts, and potential expanding down into the earth, and out into the world, and the great wide open.

This will help you attract all the right resources, people, and things that will accompany you on your new journey.

It’s simple, just relax and breathe into the heart space, and open your mind up to the endless possibilities that surround you. 

I try to do this several times a day, or whenever I think about it. It only takes a few moments to do.

Okay, the next point is huge. Start trusting yourself from now on.

Staying focused is only part of the equation.

Place your full undivided attention on your dream and what you truly desire.

You must also set this as a firm, concrete intention, and believe it with all your conviction.

Believe it to be true.

It must be non-negotiable, and this must be one of your highest priorities and responsibilities. 

You must safeguard it like a priceless gem, because that’s what it is, right? 

Write down this vision, or make a dream board and revisit it every day.

Once you do this, you must keep to your promise and never compromise your dream for anything. 

Never allow external influences to cramp your style, and throw you off track.

If you find someone or something leading you away from your true self, and highest good, then turn back and go back home to the place in your heart that you know is pure and true.

Never let the haters and people with opinions drag you down either, especially the Debbie Downers, and Negative Nancies.

Toxic people just wanna steal your flame.

When you trust in yourself, you will see that the best guidance is your inner voice. 

You will no longer need to look for solutions outside when various problems crop up. 

It’s in this state of infinite trust where you will naturally start to attract the perfect energy and insight that will provide the solution, and all the answers that you are seeking.

You are the hero of your own story, write the script.

As you dream your story into being, embody the principle of Lila, and divine play, as you orchestrate this dance, on the platform of Maya, and the great illusion that surrounds us.

You can become any character that you want.

Patience is a Virtue

When working on your dreams, it’s important to cultivate deep patience and be kind to yourself. 

The world is hard enough on us, we don’t need more of it from ourselves.

The process of mastering your craft, and Turning Pro takes time, just stay consistent and keep shooting for the stars, and dribbling the ball like Mickael Jordan.

Commit to putting in 10,000 hours starting today.

It’s the journey not the destination.

And whatever it is that you dream of manifesting or creating, be sure to make it a masterpiece and let it shine like a diamond.

It’s true that most works of art can take years and even decades, but if you trust in the process and really believe in yourself, you will be astounded at how fast you can create art and beauty, and elevate your consciousness to the sages. 

It really boils down to just doing the work.

And, always aspiring to be great, and unleash your potential.

Because that’s why we’re all here, to realize our true nature, our true potential.

Feel your dreams actualized

Once you start to move beyond the struggle of your fears, hang ups and insecurities, you can start to imagine and envision what it feels like to finally realize your dreams.

Try to reflect on what you truly want to create and manifest in your life.

Then try to imagine in your mind and your body, what that feels like inside your body on an experiential level.

How will this feel to you? Does it feel good? Does it excite you? Does it make you come alive?

The world is waiting for your to come alive, and shine with your truist gifts, that only you have.

The earth and the universe is waiting for you.

The pure scope and magnitude of your imagination is infinite, there’s no limit to what you can envision through the power of your imagination.

Make your dream a reality

Part of making your dream a reality is to befriend it and make it a part of your life. 

This means really feeling it and reaffirming it each and every day.

Go through the motions and imagine yourself living and being your dream. 

How does it feel to you? 

It should excite you, and make you come alive. It should motivate and inspire you to take action.

If it doesn’t feel good, then perhaps it’s not your authentic dream and maybe it’s just a fantasy.

Or was conceived by outside influences, maybe from your parents or peers.

The secret is to become fully aligned and absolutely congruent with your dream in your everyday life.

Try to dream with love and service in mind

Instead of trying to figure out how to get more, take more, and extract more, and sell more, make the subtle shift to being more of service and giving. 

We get what we give.  So, rather than trying to earn $10,000 dollars next month, simply reframe it and say…” how can I help and be of genuine service to 10,000 people to the best of my ability”.

Count your blessings, and be grateful for what you already have.

When you’re thankful for what you already have, and give thanks to life, or your creator, it sends a positive message to the universe. 

It will put you in total alignment with the creative vibration and will open up space for you to receive more.

On the contrary, if you’re always coming from a place of lack, or from a negative place,  and that you don’t have enough in your life, then that’s the message that you’re projecting out. 

So, be more of what you want and truly desire.

Be the change that you want to see, both in the world, and within you.

Being the change can be applied to every aspect of your life.

So become more of what you want.

If you want more love, then vibrate at the frequency of love and compassion.

When you discover and finally declare what it is that you want, this prepares the ground for potent intentions to be set, this is the formula for manifesting anything you want in your life.

We do this by nourishing, and providing space for our creativity to explode into creative energy and insight, divine inspiration and colorful insight. 

Imagine that you are receptive, and the power of creativity flows directly through you. 

The more that you can learn to relax your body and mind, and open up the doorways of perception from all around you and above, the more that you can move into a cocreative state with the universe and paint your destiny.

Like masterpiece.

As you do this, just trust in the process, never doubting.

Realize that you are an extension of the divine, and you have access to all the magic in the stratosphere, and beyond.

So, I invite you to look within yourself, and in the mirror and pronounce to yourself that “ you are a conscious co-creator in the universe who is actively dreaming your world into being.

Have fun, I’ll see you on the other side.