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Last updated on April 2, 2021

How to discover your life purpose. 

I was recently reflecting on the profound wisdom of indigneos people and the Native Americans here on the North American continent. 

These ancient cultures had this connection to the land and the earth that most of us nowadays never experience.  

Many of us currently on this planet right now are severely disconnected from Earth, our home.

And this disconnection cuts us off from our connection to the source of creation and our place in the web of life.

When I talk about finding purpose, I’m not talking about a job, or what you want to do when you grow up.

What I’m really talking about is the thing that “makes you come alive”, and makes your heart flutter.

This thing can become your reason for being.

I’ve seen and felt this in my life, how once we get back into nature5, and surround ourselves with the natural rhythms of nature, and step away from the world of many distractions, we can start to listen to the beauty within and the song that our heart wants to sing.

It’s here that we can minimize these dangerous distractions that rob us of our life force and creativity.

When we become silent and block out the distractions, we can finally hear the hearts calling, and what you want to dedicate your life to.

It’s truly amazing, once you can see clear enough that so many of us are living someone elses dream, or building someone else’s empire, we leave ourselves tired and to exhausted to work on our own dreams. 

We feel like we’ve been rode hard and put away wet, like a worn out horse.

It’s super important to abolish and let go of all the expectations from our parents, peers and old stories from society.

Just ask yourself me? What is holding me back?  What is stopping me from dropping into my fullest potential?

So make a dream board, and create a collage, and write down all the things that you love doing and that really make you come alive, that speak to your heart.

For now, just leave money out of the equation, just focus on what ignites you from within, what enlivens you, and makes you feel more expansive and open.

Use pictures, frases, or whatever to help you describe your interests and passions, and look at them, and read them every single day.

For me, it’s spending time in nature, with the animals, spending time in the garden with the wildlife. 

And especially spending time with beautiful people. I also love sharing with people the gift of life and how precious it is.

My dream is for everyone to see the magnificent beauty that is all around them, and especially within them, because when this happens, we will set ourselves free, and reclaim our power as a species.

THis is how we will heal the world, when we recognize our true nature.

It’s also essential to really slow down and celebrate and embrace the small things.

Too many of us are in a giant hurry, and I’m not sure where they’re going.

Jack Johnson said slow down everyone you’re moving too fast, frames can’t catch you when you’re moving like that”.

So we’ve been severely disconnected from the intimate side of ourselves.  

This is where we differ from the ancient cultures and traditional ways of being, they were in tune with the earth, and in direct connection to the cosmology of the universe.

A big reason for this is because they lived a radically simple life without all the distractions that you and I are constantly surrounded with.

Get back to nature, and meditate amongst the trees.

It’s here that your highest calling will reveal itself, in the heart and presence of nature.

This is where your primordial state of being will speak to your heart and soul and align you with your highest calling.

It’s also here where we can experience the most freedom to be and play, because when it’s all said and done, what matters the most is how much you gave thanks and celebrated this gift of life.