Create a vision board: This is how you visualize dreams and goals

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Last updated on March 17, 2021

Sometimes in life, we lose sight of our goals and dreams and where we’d like to go in life. A vision board is an effective method that helps you “set your goals into motion”, and re-manifest and re-affirm them on a daily basis. There’s no limits to the power of visualization, and how they positively contribute to your biggest dreams and innermost desires. 

We all have certain ideas about our future and the person that we would like to hopefully become. 

But most of us find ourselves staring into the mirror, reflecting on another year that’s gone by. Many times, it can seem like noting in our life has changed, or worse, we haven’t achieved anything at all.

It’s easy to feel like stuck in a rut, like you just can’t get out.

In the article, I’ll show you how to create your own personalized vision board.

Dreams come true – what is a vision board?

A great way to approach dreams and goals in a structured, organized, motivated, and, above all, active and visually motivating way is to create a vision board. 

This helps keep your personal and professional wishes in a fixed place, usually on a wall, so you can periodically glance at them, at anytime throughout the day to remind yourself of what you’re working towards.

A classic vision board, is often also referred to as a dream board, is a collection of heartfelt wishes, desires, manifestations and goals that you set for yourself in the short, medium, and long term. It’s like a collage of intentions.

It’s a powerway to realize your desired travel destinations, short and longterm goals, as well as success and milestones at work or even your personal development. 

A visual array of colorful pictures like destinations, objects, places and dreams that are sentimental and important to you,  helps to paint a clear vivid picture of your where you want to be in the future. 

When you bring this life plan from your minds eye and your hearts desire in the form of pictures and words onto a piece of paper or large poster board, you transform lofty aspirations into a kind of binding reality. 

A vision board makes it easier for us to manifest and purposefully pursue the things we want because we have a clearer picture of what we truly want.

The vision board helps concentrate and focus your energy, and has a way of helping you to live a little more consciously, so to speak. 

To keep a sharp eye on your visions, goals, wishes, desires and dreams and to focus on the bare essentials of getting you there.

It regularly reminds you of where you actually want to go – and asks the pressing question of whether or not what you are currently doing is assisting you to reach desired goals. 

So it functions partly as a tool for motivation and als a decision-making aid and reality checker. 

What belongs on a vision board?

Since the vision board can be used as a visualization not only of our goals and wishes, but also of our personality, all possible areas can take place on the vision board. Whether personal, private or professional, growth and development and even social aspects. You’re free to be completely free and transparent in all your wishes and visions – you can also add and subtract to it regularly, dream big!

If you’re in need clues about the areas in your life to create your vision board, you can use the following points as a simple guide: 

  • Job & Finances
  • What you want out of life
  • Values, virtues and good merits
  • Creativity and free time
  • Passion projects
  • Family
  • Friendship
  • Love & partnership
  • Dream vacations
  • Social activities
  • Fitness & Health
  • Spirituality
  • House or dwelling
  • What you really want out of life

Define and visualize your wishes, goals and dreams

Once you have defined the most important areas of your life and the associated goals, it’s important to set realistic time frames that serve to help motivate you and keep you on track. Once again, it helps you to ask yourself:

  • Where do I want to be this time next year?
  • How about in three years?
  • What would I like to accomplish in five years?
  • And what in ten? 
  • How about next month?

Short-term goals are recorded on the vision board as well as long-term goals. 

You should be completely open and honest with yourself and not gloss over anything – because your deepest wishes and thoughts belong on the Vision Board, it’s your board and noone elses.

You will only pursue them if you are enthusiastic and motivated about your dreams, visions and goals. 

Because these deep, heartfelt desires that you can successfully manifest on your vision board with many different images, texts, qoutes and photos that help achieve them step by step. 

Walking the path is just as much the goal as the desired goals themselves, so enjoy the process. Creating a vision board helps you to reflect on yourself as a person and helps you get to know yourself even better, for example;

  • What do I want from life? 
  • What is important to me in life? 
  • How important is money? 
  • What do I really enjoy? 
  • What kind of person do I want to become?
  • What kind of people do I want in my life?

Here’s how to create a vision board

Once you have determined the most important areas of life and clearly defined your goals, wishes and desires, it’s time to tinker and putter around. 

You can use a canvas, poster or even a piece of paper. I’ve even used an entire wall before. You can also create a google drawing on your computer, Pinterest or in design programs such as Powerpoint or Canva, but I find that it’s better to create a physical one that you can display in a room in your house or apartment.

The most important thing is that your vision board is well structured and above all: highly visual, because our brains can grasp images much better than words. Pictures help awaken memories and invoke emotions and awaken the senses on sight – words are just words. 

Pictures of your dream house, family and friends that you would like to have in five or ten years, the country that you are dead set on visiting, but also symbolic images of professional success and creative and artistic achievements, should plastered all over your vision board. 

There is also a place for motivating and inspiring quotes. To a certain extent, the vision board can also be seen as a visual diary, as a mood and emotion board on which dreams, hopes and heartfelt desires are openly displayed. 

“Manifesting regularly will lead you on the right path

If we place the vision board smack dab in the middle of the room or on the fridge, by the bathroom mirror, above the bed, or on a screen saver and have it in front of our eyes every single day we are constantly reminded where we want to go – and our actions are more likely to focus energy towards this vision. 

The more often you have your vision board in front of you, the more it will anchor itself into your subconscious and help you realign your lifestyle and daily actions more and more towards achieving your goals. This daily manifestation is what leads you on the right path – and, of course, confidence in your successes. 

Because a positive mindset attracts the right people and experiences that will take you further and hight in life – and ultimately allow you to achieve your biggest goals and make your wildest dreams come true.

Now it’s your turn: Take the time and ask yourself what your very ideal vision board will look like.