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February 17, 2021

It really is the little things that bring us joy and happiness in life. 

As we strive to achieve goals and actualize our aspirations, small pockets of time open up during the daily grind and offers us the chance to pause and reflect and experience a little peace and joy.

Happiness and contentment is an attitude and perspective that emanates from our being.

We each decide, moment by moment, how happy we want to be, and how much joy we want to feel and experience.

I would like to share a few ideas that have offered me more fulfillment and a deeper sense of satisfaction and contentment throughout my life.

Here are 10 simple tips to lead a happier, fuller life!

1. Eat yourself happy

Our food not only has a major impact on the way we look and feel, but also a huge effect on our mental health and outlook on life.

Try to eat more fruits and vegetables than anything else combined, this should make up the bulk of your intake, which means less bread, especially white flours (also known as white death), and processed meats and highly refined sweets. 

Instead eat bananas, apples, raisins, and almonds instead of sweets that the body can truly recognize. 

Whole foods naturally put you in a good mood and are also healthy too! 

Also, try to stay away from table salt, and instead opt for sea salt instead, and drink adequate water throughout the day (at least one full glass of water every hour during the day). 

Replace the morning cereal or donuts with a simple fruit, and a bowl of oatmeal perhaps, this gives you an easy and healthy start to the day!

2. Live more happily through the art of contemplation

If you find yourself anxious and not at ease, carving out a little time to contemplate with yourself is a great relief for the body and mind. 

I love contemplating the cosmos and the intelligence of nature.

In order to be present and show up fully in life, put your full, undivided attention on the breath. This will help you let your thoughts pause and fade away for a moment and create real inner peace and silence. 

To do this, close your eyes and carefully watch the air flowing in and out of your body. Pay close attention to the sensations inside your body. 

  • Feel the flow of breath moving in and out of your lungs, slowly passing in and out of your nostrils.
  • Feel the gentle expansion and contaction of the chest, torso and abdominal region.
  • Or try to sense the millions of pores covering the surface of your body open on the inhalation, thus receiving oxygen and lifeforce (your entire body and being is breathing).

Also, notice your train of thoughts, do they keep wandering away down the tracks? This is totally normal if this happens, whenever you notice just bring your full attention back to the breath (or whatever part of the body you’re focusing on).

You can also imagine that your thoughts are like clouds in the sky, just observe each thought or storyline floating by while the true essence of who you are the “I am” just observes and watches them drift away.

Be fully present with yourself. If you notice thoughts again, return to your breath. Breathe deeply into your stomach as well. 

With practice, it will become easier to experience longer gaps of time in a state of “no-mind”, and your sense perception will become more heightened.

You can do this exercise for as long as you like, but even one minute is enough to feel the calming effects.

You can do this meditative exercise whenever you have a few minutes like standing in line at the store or standing at the bus stop. 

In these moments you can feel the presence of your being.

With this simple exercise, you will absolutely bring more peace and happiness into your life, and your welcome in more calm and tranquility.

3. Set your intention to be happier

With intention, we can begin to live our lives more consciously. 

Setting an intention is powerful.

When you wake up, you can focus your mind and set your intention to a have beautiful day and only meet nice people. 

Or when you get into traffic, you can set the intention to have a safe trip and the traffic will flow nicely. 

Research has already proven that the power of your thoughts and intentions can have a positive influence on your life.

Dr. Emoto found out that our thoughts can clearly influence water and has profound implications, not only for our own health but for the well-being of our planet as a whole.

It’s an empowering experience to know that each one of us alters and dictates our lives and future with the power of our thoughts.

The only thing that stands in the way of a happier life is our big fat smart heads.

“All you have to do is change your thoughts to change your life” – Dr Wayne Dyer

4. Dream for a happy future

In our chaotic and hectic everyday lives, we have forgotten how important dreaming is.

Train your mind to dream again and wonder like when you were a child.  

Immerse yourself in your imagination and the dream world. 

You could even picture your future life as you would it to be, you can also do this with a vision board.

Where do you want to live and who would you like to be with? 

What do you want to achieve today, or in this lifetime?

Do you have personal and professional goals that contribute to your further development? 

How much do you want to work and earn? 

With conscious dreaming, you can have a direct influence on your life based on the power of your thoughts to help realize and actualize your life. 

Because what you can imagine can also become reality. Take 5-20 minutes a day to set positive, good vibrational intentions to help accentuate your happiness.

Remember – energy flows where the mind goes.

5. Be happy in the here and now

How much time do you spend each day thinking about the past or the future? 

Are you ever really present in the moments of your life? The future cannot make you any happier than you are right now. 

To really enjoy life, make peace with the here and now. 

In order to see the fullness of the moment, try to block out the past and future for a moment, just focus on what is happening. 

Try to engage your senses; what are you feeling, what do your see, hear, taste and smell?  Just observe your findings, without judging or adding a label or story to them. Just experience for what it is.

Even if you just sit on a park bench, something extraordinary can happen. 

Feel your body and how it feels to sit? Listen to the people, and the barking dogs, and birds singing their song. 

Watch the grass and branches of the trees move and sway back and forth in the wind. Feel the sun’s rays warm your skin.

The universe is constantly expanding, just open up your eyes and look around you.

Being happy is simple, and starts right now in this moment. 

Take your time every day, try to be in the here and now as often as possible to see the little things in life unfold.

Then you will realize that you can be happy anytime and or anywhere without having to achieve or be anything at all.

6. Step into the cosmic flow of life

What’s the point of getting upset and stressed out? Does it make something better? 

Recognizing mistakes is one thing, but why do you have to waste your vital energy on anger? 

Do we really need to let others annoy and agitate us? 

If someone wants to be mad at the world and drive around with road rage, that’s just their problem, not ours.

Just like in the book the four agreements, we can’t take what other people do personally.

Then it’s everyone’s responsibility how we deal with and respond to everyday situations.

It can be our peace of mind that help us find solutions to problems that help us avoid stressful situations.

Try not to create unneeded tension and resistance in your life, instead find your flow, do what makes your life easier. 

7. Transmit happiness to receive happiness

If you want to receive gifts from life, you must give and offer your gifts.

It doesn’t take much to ask someone what they need in the moment.

Some people just need a little time and attention, a simple smile or a heartfelt hug. 

If you freely give away joy to those around you, life will multiply and give it back to you tenfold.

Radiate what you want to get out of life. Love yourself and those around you if you want to be loved in return. 

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Start giving people you pass by a simple smile, even if you don’t (yet) know them. 🙂

8. Be happy with yourself

A happier life begins when we love and respect ourselves. 

Praise yourself, admire the functions of your body, be proud of your skills and unique talents. 

Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you!” It’s not that easy, but it’s beautiful to acknowledge yourself with that vibration.

When we feel genuine self-love, we naturally want to share this love with the people around us.

9. Listen to your gut instinct and strengthen your intuitive side

Doing what comes naturally and moving towards what we really is the most natural way to be in the world. 

In society we are constantly distracted from our inner guidance by more important things like making money, working, partying, and constantly going and doing. 

If you can quiet the mind and listen to your inner voice then you will know exactly what you really want to do at any given moment.

You will find an abundantly happy life if make space to follow your feelings and deepest yearnings, and pay special attention and have the courage to base your life on them. 

Your mind will more than likely resist and vote against it because the ego-mind prefers wants to stay safe and comfortable. 

Trust your gut, and give your inner feeling space to express itself. With time, you will find happiness and contentment in life.

10. Count your blessings and be grateful

Just like the saying goes “ if you don’t use it then you will lose it”. 

The same is true with love, “what you don’t love will leave you”. 

I want to make it crystal clear that life is there to be fully embraced, and loved to death. 

So, if you want more out of life, then you should start loving more fully and uncoditonally. 

Open your arms to the great wide open.

The first step towards this is gratitude. 

Thank yourself every day for what you have, and all that you do. 

Give thanks for your health, your food and the people that are around you.

Give thanks for your consciousness.

Only when you give thanks to life for what you love and will you get more of what you want.

Your attention can only be focused on one thing at a time, so focus more on the beautify of life.

Manifest and create beauty.

Elevate art, beauty, and consciousness – Sasha Stone

Perhaps you will start saying grace before you eat, or find another time in your daily routine to briefly express your thanks even to the little things in life. 

You could do a Meta meditation and send and radiate loving kindness to the whole world, which greatly needs it.

Gratitude is the golden key to a beautiful life. an important part.  

In Conclusion

I hope these 10 tips help you create a more happy life can. 

if you practice them consistently they will make your life noticeably better. 

It’s important that you approach the matter with an open mind and heart, and a willingness to try and implement and actively cultivate new ideas and ways of being into your life.

Try experimenting for a few weeks and take your happiness to the next level in life. It is definitely worth trying to live a happier.

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About the author

My name is Dale Hoskins. My intention is to help accompany you to develop your highest potential as a human being, and to fully express your true gifts in this world. This will lead to a more embodied and fulfilled life, that's characterized by love, joy and a deep sense of ease and peace, for you and for all other sentient beings.

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