Howdy, welcome to my blog Cultivate Longevity.

My name is Dale Hoskins and I’m an avid Yoga and Qigong Practitioner. After my first Yoga class years ago I was totally hooked and I decided to embark on a 9 month intensive training and have never looked back.

My life really took a massive turn when I experienced the incredible effects of highly nutritious food in my diet.  I was raised on a typical American diet, lots of meat and taters, frozen pizza and soda pop was the norm when I was growing up.

After years of battling with constipation and severe annoying digestive issues, I knew deep down something needed change. It even got to the point where I could hardly even think straight. My mind felt totally out of whack.

It wasn’t until I started to connect the dots and began to realize what goes in my mouth has a direct effect on my entire body and state of mind.

I discovered the digestive tract is responsible for 75 percent of the bodies health and well-being. If I eat chips and drink soda pop all day long I’m gonna feel sluggish from the greasy chips and my energy is gonna crash from all the sugar. With that said...

It starts with Healthy Nutrient Absoption in The Gut

The digestive system, more commonly called the (Gut) which comprises nearly 3-5 pounds of microscopic microbes that form our gut microbiome, literally trillions of living organisms all massed together always striving for unity and collaboration. 

Think of all these organisms as just another part of the family 🙂

The gut and it's microscopic inhabitants are responsible for our metabolism, digesting and absorbing nutrients, minerals, vitamins and works closely with every single cell in the body. This is where your body gets most of its vital energy from.  

If your gut is out of balance you may begin to feel sluggish and fatigued, your mind won’t function properly and will have a negatively affect on your health and overall wellbeing.

Simply put, if your body is not absorbing minerals and nutrients from the food that you eat it will develop deficiencies and over time which will disrupt the natural flow of your body.

Here’s the kicker, research suggests that nearly 70-80% of the immune system is interconnected inside the digestive tract meaning they work to keep the bodies ecosystem in balance and harmony. 

Balance Your Diet With Whole Foods And Healthy Fats"

I believe the foundation for a wonderful life is begins with a balanced, minimally processed diet based on whole foods and healthy fats.

Strive for a rainbow of colors on your plate and always try to introduce new and different foods into the diet. I feel this is extremely important cause it reduces the possibility of mineral and nutrient deficiency.

There’s no need to count calories (which is boring), instead just focus on high quality nutritious food that feels good in the belly!

With that said, I believe that there’s no one ideal diet for everyone.

What works for one person may not be the best fit for another person. We are all made up differently in our own unique way.

For instance, some people are sensitive to nightshade vegetables and others aren’t. Some people cannot process gluten, and some people can with ease. What you eat will vary depending on your unique goals, and individual problems and needs.

Unleash The Power Of Movement

Good food is only part of the puzzle.  It’s absolutely vital to find time for movement every single day.

Moving the body is the secret to tapping into an endless stream of powerful energy inside the body. There’s a Fountain of Youth and an elixir of life that is literally ignited and expressed when we mix quality food with quality movement.

There is a synergistic effect when you integrate the science of Yoga and Qigong into your life and commit to establishing a daily practice

Bringing It Altogether

Begin to build a “Longevity Toolkit” of healing practices, including your favorite nutritious foods and tonic herbal elixirs that add everlasting value and sustenance to your life.

My Mission

I'm deeply committed to helping people to establish and cultivate their health and well-being from the inside out through simple practices that are rooted in the healing arts. I strive to provide dynamic, cutting edge methods and techniques to assist the cultivation of your most valuable asset, your Health!

My mission is to help you uncover and tap into the unlimited source of healing energy and vibrant potential that lies dormant inside the human body.