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November 15, 2020

Most of us live life in which it is difficult to give ourselves a priority. We always seem to give priority to others and leave ourselves behind.

Work, family, friends, volunteer work, including all the personal obligations and weight that we place on our shoulders is rampant in society, 

On many occasions, we get to the point where we feel guilty about devoting even a slice of time to ourselves, like taking time for a massage (or even asking for one). We feel like we have no right to do so. 

But exactly the opposite is the case. Devoting much needed time to yourself allows you to rest and recharge your batteries, gain much-needed focus and clear your mind.

It helps you to find more meaning in what you are doing – which leads to more joy and happiness.

Devoting time every day to yourself will help you feel better, and become a better person – which in turn is essential to giving your best to others.

“I can’t make you happy unless I’am” – Ziggy Marley

How do you prioritize yourself?

Below, I’ll describe a few ways in which you can prioritize yourself. 

This does not mean leaving others behind; it allows you to transform yourself into a better version of yourself so that you can do more for others, but it start with you.

 1 – Take the time to remind yourself that your needs are also important. If your needs are not a priority and aren’t met,  neither are they for anyone else. You need to understand those needs and actively seek a way to them get them nourished and met.

2- Evaluate which aspects of your life are the most stressful for you and think about the extent to which they are valuable to you. Ask yourself if these are really important and if they are worth the effort that you put into them. You should also understand whether your attitude is creating this stress, and if so, find a way to change it. In any case, look for a way to control stress so that it doesn’t negatively affect your actions or others (it’s never fun living with a miserable person  🙁

3 – Make sure you have a little time to yourself each and every day to have a little peace and quiet time and do only what you want to. It’s easy to forget your needs when you’re wrapped up in everyday life or when someone is constantly asking for your presence. But you need a moment to breathe without all of this pressure.

4 – Forget about and release the guilt around taking care of yourself – right from the beginning, don’t feel compelled to explain yourself to anyone. You don’t have to give explanations or present a reason why, and you don’t have to justify yourself. If someone doesn’t understand, that’s not your problem unless you play along with the game.

5 – Understand that you deserve your own time, that you have the right to look after yourself, even if you appear indispensable to others. Understand this, and also understand that the better you are, the more helpful you will be to others.

6 – Take all the time it takes to do the things that bring happiness and make you feel better about yourself, and that makes you feel more secure and stronger, that reminds you of how important and magnificent you are. Exercise and take care of your body and mind, take time to read and reflect, eat well, sleep well, and make love often.

7 – Embrace your emotions and the way you feel inside, and don’t deny yourself the opportunity to suffer and feel the pain from time to time.. Do not suppress the pain like this will make all the problems go away, you will eventually explode under pressure. Suppressing how you feel brings you closer to the point where you undermine your own satisfaction and see things in a distorted way. You have to accept your emotions and feelings for what they are.

8 – Recognize and appreciate the people who have a positive and uplifting influence on your life, these people will help you remember who you are, and will support you in the process of personal growth that you will need in the long run.

9 – Understand the difference between things that you can and cannot change, and learn to let things go by in which you can do nothing about. Every day you will find something new that you can change for the better, small improvements are great.

10 – Don’t forget that there are only three things in life that you can control: what you think, what you say, and what you do. Accept this and act accordingly. Don’t let yourself be guided like a puppet and be mindful and aware of what you’re doing and why you are doing it in the first place.

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About the author

My name is Dale Hoskins. My intention is to help accompany you to develop your highest potential as a human being, and to fully express your true gifts in this world. This will lead to a more embodied and fulfilled life, that's characterized by love, joy and a deep sense of ease and peace, for you and for all other sentient beings.

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